In 2024, BMW is gearing up for a hectic yet transformative period. While the primary focus is on preparing for the launch of the Neue Klasse in 2025, the upcoming year will witness the introduction of a range of both new and refreshed models. Notably, all these models are built on the flexible CLAR architecture, covering the Gxx and Fxx models.

The year will start with the unveiling of the six speed manual BMW Z4 M40i, swiftly followed by the debut of the BMW 5 Series and i5 Touring. Around the same time we will also get to sample the new BMW X2 and iX2. Subsequently, enthusiasts can anticipate the release of various new M products, including the M4 CS, M5 sedan, and touring variants. As the year progresses, the spotlight will shift to the introduction of the new BMW 1 Series hatchback and a collection of facelifted models like the M3/M4. Undoubtedly, each reveal will have its own fan base, but in this article, we will, subjectively, pick our favorites.

BMW Z4 M40i 6-Speed

The manual BMW Z4 M40i flew under the radar for many of us in 2023. We knew it was coming, we even wrote about it, but completely forget about its start of production date in Spring 2024. So why is that important? Simply because BMW has to show the car to the public before productions starts. Therefore, we got a quick glimpse at the car last month with the rest of the information coming in late January.

Fortunately, it wasn’t just a glimpse; we were among the select few journalists worldwide who had the privilege of taking this new roadster for a spin. The experience left a lasting impression on us. Without a doubt, this could easily be considered one of the most enjoyable BMWs crafted in the past decade, and we don’t make such statements lightly.

Best part? It’s not obscenely overpriced (around $3500 over the current Z4 M40i), it’s not limited in numbers and it actually brings some major hardware and software changes to the platform. We’ve grown accustomed to the subtle improvements BMW typically introduces in facelifted models or products like the M3 CS. So, it’s definitely thrilling for us when things take a different, more exciting turn.

BMW 5 Series  and i5 Touring

This is a tough one for us, not because we lack enthusiasm, but primarily because our feelings lean more toward disappointment. BMW is set to introduce a new 5 Series Touring and a first-ever i5 Touring EV, but regrettably, neither will make their way to the United States. So now you understand our mixed feelings.

Historically, the wagon version of the 5 Series were some beautiful cars. And even though the new styling of the 5 Series and i5 is a bit controversial – some would say quite controversial – we still have high hopes for this new wagon. The proportions of a sports touring always worked great with the dimensions of the 5 Series platform, and that rear-end always tighten things together.

Of course, we will get a mix of powertrains, from entry-level diesels and gasoline models, to plug-in hybrids and powerful EVs. The top of the line BMW i5 M60 Touring should be a riot to drive and we can’t wait to sample it.

BMW M5 Touring

While BMW let us down with the regular 5 Series Touring, they will make up for it with the more expensive and funner BMW M5 Wagon. The G99 M5 Touring is shockingly heading to the United States and we will see it likely in Summer 2024. Production will begin later in the year, but there might not be as many production slots people expect. So the plug-in hybrid M5 wagon might be a hot ticket.

Of course, it will be heavy – thanks to the hybrid setup – but it aims to make up for it with some impressive numbers. The rumored figure is above 700 horsepower which is not a surprise considering the XM Label Red already does that. Wait…it’s not “Red” anymore, just Label, BMWBLOG!

Design wise, we don’t expect many changes. We’ve already rendered the car and feel pretty confident that it’s close to the real deal. In the end, it’s just an extended M5 Sedan which we’ve already seen plenty of it – spy photos and leaks.

So buckle up! This will be a fantastic year for BMW and there will be some other surprises as well, because why not concepts…