BMW Extended Warranty

Your few years old BMW is nearing the end of its original new BMW warranty and the quest for BMW Extended Warranty begins. And by any means, it is not an easy process.

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While many of the new BMWs will last for years without any repairs, there are many cases when the complicated electronics found in today’s cars can turn the repairs into a financial nightmare. A BMW factory warranty isĀ  4 years or 50,000 miles, while the CPO warranty goes up to 6 years or 100,000 miles.

So what are your options when your BMW warranty runs out?

1. Find a third-party company that offers a BMW Extended Warranty, and get a free quote.

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Shop around the same way you would do with BMW dealerships and get multiple quotes until you find the price that makes sense to you. Also inquire in advanced about what’s covered in the extended warranty policy and what are the exclusions. Some third-party BMW extended warranties are better than others, so make sure you find a respectable company that has been in business for quite some time. You should look for a warranty company that will give the BMW dealership their credit card over the phone, rather than you paying the bill and then getting reimbursed. Any good company will have a solid working relationship with a BMW dealer.

Remember, all the BMW warranty quotes are free so don’t hold back on getting multiple offers before inking the deal.


2. Give your local dealership a call and get a BMW warranty quote. Keep in mind that the quoted price is negotiable, so feel free to shop around between other dealerships, local or nationwide.

Here are the different types of BMW extended warranties:

ESC PT+ 60M/100K Mls
ESC GD 60M/100K Mls
ESC PL 60M/100K Mls N/A
ESC PT+ 72M/100K Mls
ESC GD 72M/100K Mls
ESC PL 72M/100K Mls
ESC PT+ 84M/70K Mls
ESC GD 84M/70K Mls
ESC PL 84M/70K Mls
ESC PT+ 84M/100K Mls
ESC GD 84M/100K Mls
ESC PL 84M/100K Mls

With any contract you sign, read the fine print and pay attention to the exclusions section and components explicitly covered in the extended warranty.

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