1 Series

BMW M135i Storm Bay Blue 24 830x553

VIDEO: Could This be an Upcoming BMW M140i Hot Hatch?

At the moment, the hottest 1 Series hatch you can buy is the BMW M135i xDrive. However, when compared to its predecesor, the BMW M140i, it doesn’t actually seem so hot. It’s especially un-hot (cool?)…

VIDEO: Rory Reid breaks down the BMW 1 Series and Audi A3

2018 BMW M140i xDrive test drive 1 830x553

VIDEO: Is the BMW M140i Hatchback a Future Classic?

There are a few relatively modern BMWs that will likely become future classics, cars that enthusiasts seek out on the used market for years to come. The BMW M2 is likely the most obvious choice…

2019 BMW M135i xDrive Review 50 830x553

Video: BMW M135i vs A45S AMG and Ford Focus ST

The hot hatch scene changed dramatically in the last few decades. What was once an exclusive club with a rather low number of members is now populated by cars from almost every manufacturer. It’s quite…