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Which BMW Models Have a V10 Engine?

With all the hype surrounding BMW’s V10 ‘S85’ engine, you’d think the Bavarians were dropping it in everything. It’s one of the most beloved BMW engines of all time, thanks to its high-revving, eardrum-shattering nature….

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BMW once built an M6 CSL Prototype

The BMW M Secret Garage is one of the biggest open secrets in Munich. From time to time, the Motorsport Division opens its doors to showcase their entire portfolio of products. Including some unreleased prototypes….

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Someone Buy This BMW M6 Gran Coupe Manual So I Don’t

I’m a man of modest means and modest living. I don’t own extravagant things because I don’t make extravagant amounts of money. Though, I don’t need extravagant things because that’s just not what interests me….

VIDEO: Auto Express Drives the Best BMW M Cars

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1987 BMW M6 with 11,000 Miles Recently Sold for $110,000

The first-generation BMW M6 isn’t often remembered as being one of the brand’s best classics. Admittedly, it was a great car, one that impressed magazines and enthusiasts of its day, but when current BMW enthusiasts…