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BMW To Integrate Android Automotive OS In Certain Models

The BMW Group is making a major announcement by revealing its plans to integrate Android Automotive from March 2023. AAOS will represent an alternative to the current Linux-based proprietary system used by the German luxury…

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MINI JCW Convertible Takes a Trip to Reykjavik

When most people think of summer, Reykjavik, Iceland isn’t the first vacations spot that comes to mind. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t jaw-droppingly beautiful and filled with sights that can’t be seen anywhere else…

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A Future MINI EV Convertible Will be a Blast

MINI’s future is electric. That much is certain. The BMW Group announced that MINI would be the first of its brands to make the switch entirely to electric vehicles, sometime before 2030. One of the…

Classic MINI With Hayabusa Engine Drag Races Ford Mustang V8

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Small-Block Chevy-Powered R50 MINI Cooper is Brilliant Lunacy

Typically, an R50 MINI–the first-generation of BMW-owned MINI hatchbacks–never made a lot of power. Even its sportier spec, the MINI Cooper S, made less than 200 horsepower from 1.6-liter supercharged four-pot. That clearly wasn’t enough…