At the 2023 IAA Mobility show last month in Munich, BMW provided a more substantial preview of its promising Neue Klasse platform with the Vision sedan concept and a camouflaged SUV prototype. A new speculative rendering attempts to see into the future of the three-box saloon ahead of its 2025 launch. It will be the company’s first model developed from day one strictly as an electric car, so expect plenty of changes compared to the current crop of EVs that are based on ICE models.

The Vision Neue Klasse strongly suggested a simplified design language with smoother surfaces to clean up the exterior. Of course, some things will change on the road to production, which is why this unofficial rendering has added side mirror caps and door handles. In addition, the front fascia has been partially redesigned to accommodate a more conventional bumper without the aggressive splitter of the concept car.

Photos: Quirin Schoen

You’ll also notice the thicker B-pillars, an extra set of lights at the front along with a less expansive greenhouse since the concept’s full glass roof has made way for a conventional sunroof. The artist went on to add an M badge on the front fenders, suggesting that we’re looking at a version equipped with the optional M Sport Package.

There is a distinct possibility BMW will revive the i3 name, which technically wasn’t retired in 2022 when the oddly shaped hatchback was discontinued. The alphanumeric designation lives on in China for a locally made electric long-wheelbase 3 Series Sedan. The crossover we mentioned could very well be the next iX3, with both set to receive full-fat M versions later in the second half of the decade.

The fresh look will be complemented by an all-new interior that will also take the “less is more approach.” BMW will further reduce complexity by moving most functions within a centrally positioned touchscreen for the new iDrive 10. It’s even deleting the instrument cluster by replacing it with a head-up display as wide as the dashboard.

On numerous occasions, BMW representatives have said Neue Klasse will be more than just a dedicated electric car platform. It will fundamentally change the Bavarian brand and is going to usher in the sixth-generation battery technology with round cells providing more range, improved energy density, and faster charging.

Source: TopElectricSUV