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Founded in Chicago, Illinois, BMWBLOG.com is an online magazine delivering news and media content to millions of fans from around the world. The BMWBLOG is an independent car magazine. BMWBLOG has a strong presence on social media with millions of followers who are interested in the latest and greatest BMW news, photos and videos. Over the years, BMWBLOG has not only become the largest single online publication focusing on a particular car brand, but also one of the most important automotive media sites around the world.

BMWBLOG’s professional content is often republished by major car publications and mainstream media.

In a single month, the talented team at BMWBLOG delivers over 400 articles, from short to long-form content, video features and exclusive photoshoots.

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Horatiu Boeriu  / CEO www.bmwblog.com

Horatiu Boeriu is an entrepreneur and CEO of www.bmwblog.com.  Horatiu currently manages the day-to-day activities, including content strategy, content creation, advertising, partnerships and product management.

Horatiu majored with a Computer Science degree from University of Illinois at Chicago where he cultivated a passion for technology and World Wide Web products. He also worked for Ernst & Young as a manager in the performance improvement, technology and management consulting practice. His clients included many Fortune 50 and Fortune 100 clients. At EY, he focused, among many other topics, on Product Management, Digital and Mobile Strategy, Digital Transformation, Brand Strategy & Design, Business Strategy and Operations, Business Architecture, Customer Experience and UI / UX.

Horatiu’s passion for BMW cars, and for online startups in the Media & Entertainment sector, has led to the creation of BMWBLOG.com, an online magazine focused on a car verticals. The magazine was also an early adopter of social media platforms and within a year, the BMWBLOG Facebook page gathered over 3 million followers. The total social media reach today accounts for over 4 million followers.

Over the years, Horatiu has owned several BMWs, from an E30 318i and E46 325i, to an E90 335i, X3, 1M and i3. You can find him on TwitterYoutubeInstagram and LinkedIn, CrunchBase.

Archive https://www.bmwblog.com/author/horatiuboeriu/

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Nico DeMattia (Alumni)


My very first car was an E36 BMW 328i and I’ve been hooked on the brand ever since. My passion has grown even stronger throughout the years and now I basically have the dream job of any car enthusiast — to drive cars and write about my experiences. I’ve seen some pretty crazy things, been on some incredible and dangerous adventures and met some really great people during my time. Oh, and driven some amazing cars.

I’m a bigger fan of classic cars than new ones, especially BMWs and the quirkier the better. Cars that are weird, unusual or unwanted, those are the cars I like. I’m the kind of guy that’d rather drive an E30 Touring than a new M3. Though I’d never otherwise turn down a drive in the latter, of course. I also love bringing old, worn down cars back to life.

But I’ve always been a car enthusiast in general and can and will talk to anyone about any kind of car for any amount of time. Start talking cars with me and you’d better have an unacceptable amount of time to talk, because I won’t shut up.

Steven Paul

A lifelong BMW enthusiast, he’s owned everything from the most abused E36 to a brand-new M2 Competition and almost everything in between. He joined the team in 2020, bringing years of experience as a manager at a BMW dealership. Now he writes full-time for PCARMARKET, Cox Automotive, and others, bringing a unique voice and perspective on what he believes is the most compelling automotive landscape in history. He enjoys all cars, particularly BMW, Toyota/Lexus, and Porsche products.

Adrian Padeanu

Adrian Padeanu is a news editor at BMWBLOG. He started his career in journalism in 2012 at WorldCarFans / Motor1, bringing years of automotive experience to the BMW news world.

Chuck Vossler (Contributor)



I have been a long time BMW enthusiast will never forget the very first BMW I got to drive, an E30 325es with a manual transmission. I was amazed at how solid it was despite its age and how the in-line six torque was so linear. I have been hooked ever since. My first BMW was a 93 325is red with black interior and a manual transmission. From there I went off into M3’s, X series and most recently the BMWi side.

I enjoy working on BMW’s and especially love driving them. One of my best experiences with BMW was taking my E36 M3 on One Lap of America where we crisscrossed the country with other like minded car nuts, driving on race tracks all across the United States. Though my M3 was 7 years old then, it had no problem with the non-stop week long performance driving event.

Through my writing about BMW’s and my experiences, I have met many fascinating people that design, build, race and maintain these wonderful cars. The thing that I love about BMW is that they never rest on their laurels. They are always pushing innovation with the latest technology, be it through laser lights, apps that can summon your car, or even water injection to increase efficiency.

James Bachici (Senior Writer)


Born in California and raised in Germany, France and Romania, I currently reside in Bellevue, Washington where I keep busy exemplifying the saying “do what you love and you won’t work a day in your life.” I’m fortunate enough to be able to drive cars for BMWBLOG as a Senior Writer and then share my thoughts with our awesome readers. I’m also fortunate enough to be able to work in the video game industry over at Microsoft’s 343 Industries as a Playtest Coordinator where I help make Halo awesome every day.

I have come to appreciate the universal language that is “cars.” My grandfather was an auto mechanic so I grew up around cars, random car parts, grease, nuts and bolts, air filters and the like. At the age of 9 my grandfather taught me how to drive his 1988 Ford F-250 diesel. Manual transmission mind you.

My hobbies include driving cars, writing, photography and playing video games. I collect watches and Oakley sunglasses and I spend too much time reading up on the latest tech. When possible I enjoy watching Formula 1, WRC and LeMans and also my wife’s face when I try to convince her why it is I need a new camera/watch/gear/etc.

I look forward to providing you, our avid readers the most up-to-date news, interviews, articles and photos from across the globe covering BMW and the automotive industry in general. For more content follow me on Twitter @jamesbachici and Instagram: jamesbachici


Hugo Becker (Technology Editor)

Hugo Becker is our resident curmudgeon and technology maven. Having had a driver’s license for over 40 years, he also has seat time in a large number of cars, from the silly to sublime.

He brings a Sputnik era emphasis on science and technology to BMWBLOG, along with a passion for automotive history. Did we mention he’s old and crotchety?