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Which to Buy: BMW X7 M50i or Range Rover P530?

Jaguar Land Rover made big headlines with its recent launch of the all-new Range Rover. While it might not look all that different from the previous-gen Range Rover, this new one is entirely different, from…

BMW M440i drag races Toyota Supra: Same engine, massive weight gap

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BMW i4 M50 Wins Top Gear’s “Saloon” of the Year

Top Gear just announced all of its different Car of the Year winners. While there was one overall winner — the Porsche 911 GT3, predictably — there were also several other subcategories that featured different…

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BMW X5 xDrive45e 1 of 29 830x553

TEST DRIVE: BMW X5 xDrive45e — Best All Around BMW SUV

I usually don’t much like going into test drives with high expectations. Doing so is almost always setting one’s self up for disappointment. However, that didn’t stop my high hopes for the BMW X5 xDrive45e,…

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Dakar Yellow BMW E46 M3 Convertible 00 1 830x553
What Drew You to BMW?

Most brands, regardless of the product they offer, possess something unique that attracts a certain type of customer. Subaru peddles a sense of adventure and safety; Rolex offers exclusivity and craftsmanship; Pepsi offers a unique…

E32 BMW 750iL images 01 750x500
Top Most Underrated BMW Cars And SUVs

After Nico’s story on the top 5 most underrated BMW cars, our own Steven follows up with his own take on the topic. No one can dispute that BMW has made some real legends. Cars like…

Mission Impossibe Fallout E28 BMW M5 830x553
What’s the Best Movie Scene Featuring BMWs?

I just recently watched the new Marvel movie, Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. While it doesn’t exactly have a car chase sequence, there are some noticeable BMW product placements. After that,…

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Which to Buy: BMW M440i Gran Coupe or BMW i4 40?

For around $55,000, you have your choice of two different four-door coupe BMWs — the BMW M440i Gran Coupe ($58,200) and the BMW i4 40 ($55,400). They’re very similar in a few ways and completely…