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Abandoned BMW 8 Series E31 Needs Someone To Save It

The first-generation 8 Series is not an exceptionally rare car as BMW made a little over 30,000 units from early 1990 until mid-1999. Nevertheless, it’s always an occasion to see one in pristine condition as…

VIDEO: Watch How a Crashed BMW M4 CS Became a Track Weapon

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BMW 3.0 CSL E9 Tribute Is A Father And Son Project

The word “replica” has gradually been getting a negative connotation because of less-than-ideal project cars that fail to capture the essence of the original. This isn’t one of them since we’re dealing with a superb…

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Battery Degradation Raises Questions About Used EV Ownership

One of the bigger question marks surrounding the future of EVs is batter degradation. Lithium-ion batteries will degrade over time and use, causing their total capacity to drop off. Of that, there’s no question. However,…

2023 bmw x1 xdrive23i review 17 830x553

2023 BMW X1 xDrive23i Pushed Hard In Acceleration Tests

BMW’s revamped X1 currently tops out with the xDrive23i model before a hotter M35i will join the range later next year. Even without being an M Performance model, the crossover offers more than adequate power…

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BMW M4 GTS Review – Is it time to buy one?

Over the course of our existence covering BMW news, we’ve tested and reviewed majority, if not all of the new BMW model. But there was one that eluded us for quite some time – The…

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2023 bmw m4 csl test drive 04 830x553

FIRST DRIVE: 2023 BMW M4 CSL—Grip Monster

When it came time for me to finally test the BMW M4 CSL, I have to admit I was a bit nervous. Prior to driving it, I’d been told that the CSL can and will…

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BMW i8 Roadster LimeLight Edition 4 830x553
BMW’s Best Hybrids

BMW has always received praised for their fantastic six-cylinder engines. Mostly by the people that haven’t realized they built their reputation on staunch, reliable four-cylinders in Germany. And of course, the enlightened enthusiast realizes that…

How to Track my BMW Order (2022)

Tracking the production of your new BMW can be an exciting – and sometimes frustrating – experience. While BMW client advisors are typically good judges, tracking your BMW order yourself is easy and not terribly…

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How much does it cost to lease a BMW iX?

Being part of the BMW world means I get a lot of questions about the new BMW iX. One of the most common is regarding payments and leasing specifically. A a handful of iX models…