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2021 bmw m3 g80 review 19 830x553

2021 BMW G80 M3 Review By BMW Customer

Well, here it is. After countless debate, the all-new BMW G80 M3 is here. Is it better than the F80? Is it even an M3? Do you want one? Let’s find out from Mike D’Ambrosio,…

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Video: BMW Celebrates 50 years of cultural engagement

Cars and art were not exactly considered a good match back in the early days of the automotive industry. As a matter of fact, cars were considered closer to agricultural devices initially, rather than actually…

VIDEO: Joe Achilles Will be Spending Three Months with a BMW 420i

BMW i3 flat tire 1 750x500

The Best Portable Air Compressor for Run Flats in a BMW

Nowadays auto manufacturers, including BMW, do not include spare tires in most of their cars. The reasons behind this strategy is to save some weight of the already pretty heavy cars. The run-flat or zero-pressure…

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BMW 430i xDrive 1 830x553

TEST DRIVE: 2021 BMW 430i xDrive Coupe — Exceeds Expectations

“Perhaps I treated you too harshly,” Thanos said to his daughter, moments before he was decapitated. I shared the same overall sentiment after testing the 2021 BMW 430i Coupe, and, just like purple supervillain, felt…

2021 bmw m550i lci facelift 32 830x553

TEST DRIVE: 2021 BMW M550i xDrive — Its Own Unique Flavor

Awhile back, there was a bit of an intra-BMWBLOG discussion about the BMW X5 M Competition. Yours truly felt that the full-beans X5 M Competition lacked purpose, as it was barely distinguishable from its X5…

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2021 bmw m5 cs exterior 47 830x553

BMW has just unveiled the all-new M5 CS and, not surprisingly, it is rendered as one of the best, if not the best BMW car on sale today. But to “sample” the new M5 CS…