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2022 bmw 2 Series m performance parts 830x553

Video: Upclose with BMW M240i Coupe M Performance Parts

The new BMW M240i is an exciting car for enthusiasts, as it’s likely the last small, internal combustion-powered, rear-wheel drive coupe from the brand ever. After this 2 Series generation, the model will likely go…

bmw i4 production plant munich 09 830x553

BMW i4 production kicks off at Munich Plant

Today is a big day at the BMW plant in Munich, as the first-ever BMW i4 rolled off the production line. The Munich plant is almost 100 years old, so seeing the all-electric i4 finish…

BMW Junior Team to compete in 24H of Sebring following NES success

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bmw ix xdrive50 sophisto grey 00 830x553

TEST DRIVE: 2022 BMW iX xDrive50 – The Bavarian Magic Carpet

After six years of design, engineering and testing, BMW’s flagship electric car is now ready for the world. The 2022 BMW iX will enter production in November before arriving in global markets next year. And…

mustang mach e test Drive 02 830x553

TEST DRIVE: Ford Mustang Mach-E – More Than A Name

Ford really had to do something special for its first fully electric car developed from the ground up. In a world that sees about 10 to 20 new fully electric models launched every year, how…

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laguna seca blue bmw e46 m3 16 830x553
What Are The Best BMW Colors Ever Made?

Throughout the years BMW has been awfully specific about choosing launch colors for their most unattainable halo cars (think: M5 and M4 CS). But often, that air of uniqueness trickles down to us mere mortals,…

BMW M4 Speed Yellow Laguna Seca Blue 14 830x553
Are BMW M Colors Still Named After Race Tracks?

Since the late eighties, BMW M has gone out of their way to ensure that their most special cars receive an equally special color palette accentuating their racing heritage. And when it came to naming…

Secret BMW M372 750x500
What Is Your Favorite BMW M Wagon / Touring?

Through the years, many enthusiasts have begged and pleaded with BMW to manufacture a wagon (or “touring”) version of two of their most iconic cars – the M3 and the M5. And for a couple…