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VIDEO: How to adjust the exterior light settings on your BMW

How-To, Videos | January 26th, 2020 by Adrian Dorofte

Depending on the model specification, you can change the exterior light settings in your brand new BMW equipped with the intelligent BMW OS 7.0 infotainment …

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VIDEO: How to search for public charging stations in your BMW

How-To, Videos | January 26th, 2020 by Adrian Dorofte

In BMW and BMW i models, especially in the electric and plug-in hybrid versions, equipped with at least iDrive 6.0 or OS 7.0, you are …

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Video: How to Purchase new features over the air from inside your BMW

How-To, Interesting, Videos | January 13th, 2020 by Gabriel Nica

Tesla made the headlines when it announced the introduction of over the air updates for its cars. With this new feature, the cars could be …

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Video: You can now get a BMW Universal Wireless Charging Station

How-To, News, Videos | January 10th, 2020 by Gabriel Nica

As the auto industry gets more and more connected, we need to be aware of the fact that our most important anchor to the internet …

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VIDEO: How to use Rear Seat Entertainment on your BMW

How-To, Videos | January 5th, 2020 by Adrian Dorofte

In vehicles equipped with the OS 7.0, BMW offers the optional Rear Seat Entertainment system, which offers the rear-seat passengers direct access to relevant functions …

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Video: How to adjust Lane Changing warning system settings

How-To, Videos | December 26th, 2019 by Gabriel Nica

With the advancement of driving assistants, which are meant to become so smart they should allow cars to drive themselves, using the systems we have …

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VIDEO: Different text input functions in your BMW explained

How-To, Videos | December 16th, 2019 by Adrian Dorofte

In your BMW equipped with the new OS 7.0 infotainment control system, you can choose between various methods of text input when searching for a …

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Video: How the BMW Intelligent Emergency Call system works

How-To, Interesting, Videos | November 29th, 2019 by Gabriel Nica

If you own a newer BMW model you might have noticed that there’s a button located right above the rear view mirror labeled ‘SOS’. Most …

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VIDEO: How To Use The Climate Control in your new BMW

How-To, Videos | November 13th, 2019 by Adrian Dorofte

The next How-To video shows us how to create an optimal climate in any new BMW. The Climate Control system can be accessed via the …

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How to charge your electric BMW at a DC fast-charging station?

How-To, Videos | November 12th, 2019 by Adrian Dorofte

Currently, there are two options for recharging your battery electric BMW: the AC stations which are more widespread and the DC stations which are more …