bmw m1 procar lookalike first owned by boney m producer heads to auction 150659 1 830x553

1980 BMW M1 with Procar body kit heading for auction

Whenever someone mentions the BMW M1, BMW enthusiasts instantly think of power, beauty and rarity. Throw in the word ‘Procar’ and you might be met with memories of an Formula 1 drivers and mad horsepower…

BMW M movie night 26 830x553

BMW M hosts movie night at an outdoor cinema near Munich

Thankfully, for many countries, lockdown restrictions are beginning to slacken. Countries that have all but beaten the Coronavirus are slowly beginning to open back up, allowing citizens to safely, and responsibly, congregate, interact with each…

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Check Out Car and Driver’s Original BMW M1 Review

It’s easy to look back at the BMW M1 through rose-tinted specs. Not only is it an incredible looking car but its engineering was genius and its history fascinating. However, it wasn’t met with great…

VIDEO: Listen to a 700bhp BMW M1 Thunder Up Goodwood

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Video: BMW Today takes a closer look at BMW Art Cars

As soon as the Coronavirus pandemic-induced lockdown hit, BMW started a series of videos to keep us entertained. The BMW Today series tackled a variety of topics, from history of a certain model range to…