BMW M3 xDrive Looks The Part With Air Suspension, Rotiform Wheels

bmw m3 hre ff21 tarmac 01 830x553

BMW G80 M3 gets the HRE FF21 Tarmac wheels

A good set of wheels goes a long way to making any car look better. That’s especially true for the BMW M3, which isn’t the most beloved of all BMW designs. However, funky looks aside,…

Mercedes W123 Taxi 2 830x553

1977 Mercedes Taxi With BMW Engine Still Going Strong

“Aziza of Lebanon” (“beloved precious of Lebanon”) is not your typical taxi as the W123 sedan doesn’t have a Mercedes engine under its hood. Instead, owner Akram Abou Aziza fitted a BMW engine to keep…

The new BMW 545e xDrive Sedan G30 LCI 2 830x553

VIDEO: This 520 HP BMW 545e is Proof Hybrids Can Be Cool

Who says hybrids can’t be cool? With a combination of old-school internal combustion and new-school electrification, hybrids can offer the best of both worlds to many customers. Especially when you combine the electric motors with…