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Ed Norton stars in new KITH x BMW campaign

KITH and BMW teamed up once again, to combine fashion and cars and this time it’s going to auction off both. For the collaboration, KITH and BMW configured an exclusive BMW i4, along with a…

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7 Limited BMW i4 M50 by Kith will be sold to customers

The second collaboration between BMW and luxury retailer Kith was unveiled earlier today. Kith’s owner and New York designer Ronnie Fieg has exclusively designed as part of the collaboration between his brand and BMW. The…

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KITH Debuts BMW i4 M50 Lineup Through Epic Road Trip

The collaboration between BMW and KITH is stronger than ever and has now expanded to electric vehicles. It follows the M4 Competition x KITH special edition and a full restoration of an M3 E30 belonging…

KITH teases electric car collaboration with BMW

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How I fell in love with the BMW brand

It was likely always there, but it was just dormant. I had been an Honda gearhead for as long as I remember, so the love for the BMW brand came a bit later in my…

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Why are car enthusiasts often passionate about timepieces?

You’ll find evidence of this connection in the historical culture of automobile collection and racing. For example, most internationally recognized motorsport events are sponsored by awarded timepiece houses. Famous drivers often serve as brand ambassadors…