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2022 BMW iX3 Slower Than iX xDrive50 In Track Test

Traditionalists would argue there’s no place for an SUV on a race track, and they’d probably be right. However, sales numbers have proven the colossal success of M-badged X models, prompting BMW to sell performance…

BMW To Build Next-Gen 3 Series EV And iX3 In Mexico: Report

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VIDEO: Fifth Gear Team-Tests the BMW iX3

I have to admit, I’m sort of fascinated by the BMW iX3. On paper, it seems like a great overall package and yet it often gets less than favorable reviews. It’s also odd because it…

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Video: BMW iX3 range tested to the max by CarWow

Now that winter rolled in, electric vehicle drivers are starting to get a bit nervous, especially if this is their first cold season behind the wheel of such a car. That’s because electric cars really…