BMW i5 Touring

2024 bmw i5 touring 00 830x553

Here is the All-Electric BMW i5 Touring – Spy Photos

The upcoming all-electric BMW i5 Touring was just spotted in Germany during some testing trials. The first-ever electric 5 Series Wagon is going through the usual test stages before landing in customers’ hands in 2024….

BMW i5 Touring 5 Series Electric station wagon 830x553

BMW i5 Touring Rendered—The Ideal Family BMW?

BMW hasn’t officially confirmed anything but we pretty much know the BMW i5 Touring is coming. There’s going to be an electrified version of all BMW models and the 5 Series Touring is hugely important…

Should a BMW i5 Touring Come to the U.S. Market?

2024 bmw i5 touring 00 830x553

First Rendering of a Potential 2024 BMW i5 Touring

According to our sources, there’s a very good chance that a BMW i5 Touring could hit the market sometime after 2024. While nothing is set in stone, we’ve heard of a desire from brass at…

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Rumor: BMW i5 Touring could arrive in 2024

The next generation of the BMW 5 Series will arrive in 2023 and will heavily rely on electrified drivetrains. While BMW is not yet ready to give up their internal combustion engines in the business…