7 Series

The BMW 745i E23 1 830x553

This 1986 BMW 745i is asking for 185,000 Euros

There are pristine classic cars and then there are pristine classic cars out there. The one we’re about to show you definitely falls in the second category but we’re still not sure it’s worth the…

Next-Gen BMW 7 Series Rendered with Split Headlight Design

E38 mirror 830x553

VIDEO: Check out James Bond’s E38 BMW 750iL

For a short time, James Bond’s preference in car switched from British to Bavarian, as he swapped his Aston Martin keys for BMW ones. In the film Tomorrow Never Dies, Bond drives an E38-gen BMW…

BMW starts G22 4 Series production at Dingolfing 22 830x553

American BMW Drivers are the Rudest Drivers, per Insurify

Everyone’s heard the typical complaints about BMW drivers; they’re obnoxious, never use their turn signals and can’t park. Obviously, most of that is just a stereotype, right? Maybe not, actually. According to this new report…