2023 BMW M2 likely to get these colors

The upcoming 2023 BMW M2 contains hardly any secrets by now. The popular sports coupe was the topic of endless articles in the last two years and we even had the chance to drive a…

2023 BMW M2 Hits 292 KM/H On The Autobahn Before Official Debut

BMW M240i xDrive 33 of 40 830x553

VIDEO: Is the BMW M240i Actually Better Than the M2?

Whenever a new M Performance car debuts, there will always be comparisons between it and its full-on M Division sibling. Reason being is that the M Performance version is usually quite a bit more comfortable,…

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Five Best Manual Transmission BMWs

It isn’t news – the manual transmission is on the way out, and everyone should be sad about it. It doesn’t take a luddite to realize that this, in general, sucks eggs. Luckily, enthusiasts are…