The New BMW M8 Gran Coupe MotoGP Safety Car F93 10 830x553

BMW M CEO teases the upcoming G82 M4 Safety Car

Markus Flasch is not your typical CEO of a car company. Or in this case, of a car division. Ever since he took over the M chair in September 2018, the young car executive has…

BMW Team RLL finishes on the podium at Daytona 24-Hour race

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BMW Junior Team to race in the BMW M6 GT3 this year

Just as the year 2020 was finishing off, and BMW was announcing its pullback from various motorsport events, a lot of us started to wonder where the newly reinstated BMW Junior Team will race. Well,…

BMW Formula E Monaco 24 830x553

Will BMW and Audi’s exits help Formula E?

BMW and Audi dealt a major blow to the Formula E championship when they announced their retirement last year. The German duo will exit the electric championship at the end of 2021. The only major…