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Philipp Eng finishes 2nd overall in Digital Nurburgring Endurance Series

BMW Z4, Racing, Videos | April 5th, 2020 by Gabriel Nica

As we mentioned just the other day, Saturday hosted another big sim-racing event, this time on a virtual Nurburgring. A large BMW contingent lined-up at …

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Video: BMW Z4 sDrive30i vs sDrive20i acceleration comparison

BMW Z4, Videos | March 30th, 2020 by Gabriel Nica

Looking over the BMW Z4 models available on the market today, you might wonder just how big the performance gap between them is. Two particular …

The new BMW Z4 sDrive20i Greece 34 830x553

BMW Z4 sDrive20i: Sensational shots from the sunny Greece

BMW Z4 | March 27th, 2020 by Adrian Dorofte

The new BMW Z4 is quite of a stunner. And sadly, the very last of its kind. Here pictured is the BMW Z4 sDrive20i in …

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BMW Racers post impressive results in ‘Super Sim Saturday’

BMW M8, BMW Z4, Racing | March 23rd, 2020 by Gabriel Nica

Racing is not possible right now. The outbreak of Coronavirus has put every single event that gathered more than 50 people on hold and that, …

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VIDEO: BMW Z4 M40i vs Audi TT RS vs Porsche Cayman — Fifth Gear

BMW Z4, Videos | March 10th, 2020 by Nico DeMattia

We should cherish this last batch of proper roadsters while they last. With crossovers and EVs becoming more and more popular, the sporty roadster simply …

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Video: BMW Z4 sDrive20i and Toyota Supra compared in Australia

BMW Z4, Videos | February 21st, 2020 by Gabriel Nica

We’ve seen it before plenty of times. The BMW Z4 and the Toyota Supra have been compared more often than not and that’s understandable as …

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Car and Driver Test: BMW Z4 M40i vs 2020 Toyota GR Supra

BMW Z4, News | February 20th, 2020 by Nico DeMattia

Ever since it was announced that the BMW Z4 would be built alongside the Toyota Supra; using the same chassis, engine and technology; there’s been …

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Video: BMW Z4 M40i Gets the MotorWeek review treatment

BMW Z4, Videos | January 30th, 2020 by Gabriel Nica

Winter is here over the Northern Hemisphere and it’s caused us to forget about roadsters, being more focused on keeping warm. Nevertheless, in some parts …

2020 toyota supra laps the nurburgring nordschleife faster than bmw z4 m40i 140001 1 830x553

Video: Toyota Supra laps Nurburgring faster than Z4 M40i, M2 Competition

BMW Z4, Videos | December 25th, 2019 by Gabriel Nica

Ever since BMW and Toyota announced their collaboration will spawn two cars, sharing a lot of their underpinnings, the world has been hellbent on comparing …

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BMW G29 Z4 gets even more aggressive, thanks to a 3D Design tuning kit

BMW Z4, Tuning | December 24th, 2019 by Horatiu Boeriu

Tokyo-based tuning shop 3D Design is pushing the envelope once again with a new tuning kit designed for the BMW G29 Z4. The new roadster …