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Can the Cadillac Lyriq Challenge the BMW iX?

The BMW iX hasn’t had a ton of natural competition since its debut. The Tesla Model X is a bit too outdated, the Model Y is too small, the Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV isn’t out yet,…

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BMW iX xDrive50 records a range of 345 miles

InsideEVs just published their range test of the new BMW iX xDrive50. The EPA range rating is 324 miles, but the EV experts aimed to beat that figure. This particular BMW iX xDrive50 was equipped…

BMW iX is a Wards Auto 2022 Ten Best Interior and UX Winner

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BMW iX – This is how I would spec my electric SUV

With customer deliveries of the all-new iX beginning, and BMW’s price increases announced for the 2023 models, it’s an opportune time to see what options add the most value to BMW’s first ever electric SAV….

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BMW iX Range Test: How Far Did I Get on One Charge?

The all-electric BMW iX is a fascinating car, one that’s unlike any BMW before it. Its exterior styling, interior design, and innovative cabin tech make it one of the most intriguing Bimmers ever made. However,…