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Why Don’t BMW Electric Vehicles Have Frunks Anymore?

There’s really nothing new about frunks. The idea of have a ‘front trunk’ began as soon as automakers started putting engines in the rear. Then, when engines moved to the middle—in mid-engine supercars like the…

BMW iX Facelift Reportedly Coming In 2025 With Upgraded Motors And Battery

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BMW i7 And iX To Join Luxury Taxi Fleet in Japan

Japan’s MK Group runs the most luxurious taxi fleet services in the country and it just added a bunch of electric BMW models to its various different fleets. Spread out among the two different divisions,…

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What is the best BMW SUV in 2022?

The year is almost over, and there have been quite a few additions to the 2022 lineup of BMW SUVs – or SAVs if you prefer. The all-electric BMW iX and completely new 2023 BMW…

BMW iX M60 8 830x553

TEST DRIVE: BMW iX M60—This M Needs More Performance

Playing spot the differences between the BMW iX xDrive50 and the BMW iX M60 is pretty easy—there really aren’t any. On paper, the iX M60 has more power, slightly more equipment, and better performance. But…