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BMW iX M60 vs BMW iX xDrive50 — Which to Buy?

Now that the BMW iX M60 has been revealed, there are two big-budget versions of the iX. When you look at them in photos, there’s barely a difference between them. In fact, even as someone…

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See the BMW iX drive itself on the busy roads of Poland

The concept of a BMW driving itself seems counterintuitive at a first glance. After all, how can we fully experience “the ultimate driving machine” if the vehicle does all the work for us? However, what…

Video: The Making of the BMW iX Flow featuring E Ink

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BMW iX M60: Listen To the Iconic Sounds by Hans Zimmer

Together with award-winning composer Hans Zimmer, BMW has created the IconicSounds Electric to turn what is usually the relatively uneventful experience of driving an EV into something a bit more emotional. To display the sound…

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CES 2022: BMW My Modes explained in a video demo

At CES 2022, BMW is showcasing further variants of the overall user experience. With My Modes Expressive and Relax, in the future BMW customers will have additional ways of adapting the vehicle settings to the…