The BMW M5 sedan will go through a major transformation next year. The 2025 BMW M5 Sedan (codename G90) will be unveiled in Spring 2024 before entering production later in the year. The sports business sedan will be the first M5 to feature an electrified drivetrain. The plug-in hybrid system from the BMW XM will find its way into the M5 Sedan and M5 Touring. Of course, the design will be revolutionary as well. Compared to previous generations, the new design language is a departure from the typical design shapes and cues.

Front-End Based on the i5 M60

Recent spy photos have already provided us with an initial glimpse of the front-end design, while leaked images have completely unveiled the rear section. Not too long ago, we created a series of renderings showcasing the G90 M5 sedan. However, today, we have enhanced them with the most current information available. The front-end design is clearly based on the i5 M60, and that comes as no surprise since BMW aims to bring the M Performance Automobile close to the full-on M5. The lights and kidney grille are nearly, if not identical to the ones on the i5 M60. But of course, the lower area of the front-end is not.

Following the customary M design approach, the front fascia boasts an assertive appearance, characterized by a sizable air intake and massive air curtains. As anticipated, the forms are notably square and striking, particularly when observed in the Frozen Deep Grey hue. The kidney grille showcases horizontal bars, reportedly drawing inspiration from BMW’s Motorsport offerings, although regrettably, the front radar remains quite conspicuous within the kidney area.

Clean, but sporty side design

The side view shows wide fenders, a blacked-out rocker panel and two single sharp lines breaking down the height of the car. Large wheels are always a must on an M car, so we included them in these renderings as well. Flushed door handles and M mirrors are expected as well. There aren’t many surprised in the back, especially since the rear-end leaked. Luckily we’re still getting quad pipes paired with a unique diffuser.

Just a quick reminder that the upcoming 2025 BMW M5 sedan and touring models will be plug-in hybrids, featuring a modified V8 powertrain borrowed from the XM. Word on the street suggests they will deliver 718 horsepower, slightly less than the 748 hp found in the XM Label Red. However, there’s a good chance that a future BMW M5 Competition variant will push the power boundaries even further.