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Future 750 horsepower BMW M5 (G90) spotted

The first ever plug-in hybrid BMW M5, and certainly the fastest and more powerful one, was just spotted in Germany. The 750 horsepower BMW M5 (G90) will go on sale in 2024 and it’s shaping…

BMW M5 LCI rendered in wagon shape, Germans still won’t build it

BMW M5 E39 Touring 01 750x500

Would you buy this E39 BMW M5 Touring conversion?

As car enthusiasts, we love big, powerful and fast wagons. It’s in our DNA. Lions have the instinct to hunt gazelles, dogs have the instinct to do that odd ass-rub on the carpet while creepily…

Drag Race: F85 BMW X5 M vs BMW M5 Touring

The monster truck F85 BMW X5 M takes on the BMW M5 Touring on a drag strip and with a rolling start. The drag race between the two Ms is as fair as it gets,…