BMW M5 Facelift Imola Red 13 830x553

Real Life Photos: 2021 BMW M5 Facelift in Imola Red

With the pandemic restrictions easing off in some parts of the world, car launches and presentations are kicking off again. BMW Belux hosted the launch of the new 2021 BMW M5 Facelift and the super…

BMW E34 M5 photos 05 830x553

VIDEO: Doug DeMuro Checks Out the E34 BMW M5

Of all the generations of BMW M5, it’s the E34 that’s probably the least loved and most forgotten. Not really because it’s a bad car but because all of its M5 siblings were all so…

BMW kicks off production for new 4 Series Coupe

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Video: 840 HP BMW M5 drag races 750 HP Nissan GT-R

There was a time when very few cars could stand up against the mighty Nissan GT-R. The Japanese supercar was so good at outrunning everything else on the road that it gained the Godzilla nickname….