2023 bmw m5 render 00 830x553

2023 BMW M5 render shows a classy and sporty design

With more than a year left before its market introduction, the next generation 2023 BMW M5 gets rendered this week. The Photoshop image is based on the recent BMW M5 spy photos which surfaced earlier…

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Video: BMW M5 CS versus BMW M2 CS on the drag strip

It’s time for the battle of the special editions! This time, we’re looking at a showdown between the BMW M5 CS, the most powerful car the Bavarian manufacturer ever made, and the smaller and lighter…

The BMW S85 V10 engine 11 830x553

VIDEO: Listen to the S85 V10 Engine in all its Glory

As we’re getting closer to the fully electric future, and EVs dominate the news cycle, it can be easy to forget some of the more exciting internal combustion engines of the past. However, as Patrick…

BMW M5 Pure Metal Silver impresses in dyno test with 605 wheel hp

2021 bmw m5 cs images 24 830x553

Video: BMW M5 CS drag races Porsche Taycan Turbo

Electric cars are known to have the upper hand when it comes to drag racing, especially against traditional combustion cars. Of course, that’s true when you compare similarly powered models, not if you’re pitting a…

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VIDEO: BMW M5 CS Reviewed by Carfection

I honestly think the BMW M5 CS is the best Bimmer I’ve ever driven. It blew me away during my week with it, I couldn’t get enough. And yet, I barely scratched the surface of…