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2021 IAA: BMW i4 presented in the heart of Munich

The BMW iX might be the brand’s flagship electric car, being built on a bespoke EV architecture and being by far the most luxurious. However, the potentially more important electric car in the lineup is…

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Video: BMW i4 M50 spotted still testing on the Nurburgring

While the best of the best people in the automotive industry are gathering in Munich to check out the latest car launches from most manufacturers, work continues unhindered in other parts of the country. The…

How Does the BMW i4 40’s Value Compare to its Competitors?

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536 hp BMW i4 M50 presented in Frozen Portimao Blue

2022 is shaping up to be an important year for BMW’s electrification efforts. Nearly a decade later after their first electric vehicle, BMW is ready to introduce several new models. Two of them are the…