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Workshop BMW iX – All You Need To Know About The Powertrain

The BMW iX is the best the brand has to offer, tech-wise. It’s built on its own bespoke architecture, itself quite high-tech, it has the brand’s latest electric powertrain technology, and it even boasts BMW’s…

Video: Here’s how the BMW iX high-voltage battery is assembled

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Video: Here’s a glimpse into how the BMW iX is made

One of the most important things BMW highlights about its upcoming iX electric SUV is how sustainable it is throughout the production process, something that may have a huge impact on a number of levels…

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Autocar’s 2071 Classic Car List Features Two BMWs

Car collectors are always looking for future classics; cars to invest in now that will hopefully be worth considerably more than what they paid for it, many years later. It’s hard to look decades ahead,…