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BMW Shows How To Tweak The Sport Mode In An Electric M Car

After teaching owners of electric M cars how to perform a drift, BMW is back with another instructional video dedicated to zero-emission models carrying the fabled M badge. As before, we’re hopping behind the wheel…

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BMW Teaches You How To Drift An Electric M Car

I know what you’re going to say – there’s no such thing as an electric M car. That’s partially true as the i4 M50 featured here along with the iX M60 are only M Performance…

BMW iX M60 vs Range Rover Sport vs Porsche Cayenne—Car Magazine Test

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BMW iX Recalled Once Again for Bad Airbags

The BMW iX isn’t very old and it’s already faced quite a few different recalls. So far, in its short life, the BMW iX has been recalled for potential power loss to its drivetrain and…

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BMW i4 eDrive35 Now Available for Orders in the UK

The BMW i4 eDrive35 has been on sale in the U.S. for a little while but it’s now going to be available for our friends across the Atlantic. For anyone that wants an entry-level BMW…

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VIDEO: Several BMWs Make Carwow’s List of Best Launches

If anyone knows the differences between different cars’ launch controls, it’s Carwow’s Mat Watson. He’s done more launch control drag races than possibly anyone on the planet, in just about every car you can imagine….