The wait is almost over. In a few weeks, BMW will finally unveil the latest generation BMW 7 Series, and along with it, the first ever BMW i7 electric limousine. There is a lot riding on the success of the new 7 Series, and as you’d expect, it’s quite an important car for BMW. The 7 Series has always been BMW’s flagship model with the recently phased out V12 M760i being the most expensive BMW sold worldwide. The luxury limousine has historically introduced new technology which eventually trickled down to other BMW models. So that trend is likely to continue with the G70 generation.

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BMW i7 M70 – The New Flagship

A lot has been said about the new 7 Series over the last two years, with bits of information slowly being released by the brand or by insiders. And electro-mobility was and is an important topic when it comes to the new 7 Series. The top BMW i7 model was rumored, for a while, to be the i7 M60. The naming convention certainly makes sense considering that BMW is already using the “M60” badge on the most powerful iX model. The BMW iX M60 is currently the flagship electric car in Munich, but we expect the new i7 to take over. So in that context, a BMW i7 M70 makes a lot more sense. For a few reasons.

Firstly, the BMW i7 M70 will not only point to a more expensive, but also to a more powerful electric vehicle. So the badge will be worthy of its position within the lineup. Secondly, it will leave room below the i7 M70 for additional models, without creating a lot of confusion among customers. Keep in mind that BMW will continue to offer combustion-powered 7 Series models, including some tuned by the M division. Therefore, these variants could be sold under the M750i or M760i monikers. Additional i7 M Performance models are also likely, like a BMW i7 M50.

At Least 640 Horsepower

So in our opinion, a BMW i7 M70 makes a lot more sense than the previously reported i7 M60. And to further differentiate itself from the BMW iX M60, the rumored i7 M70 will likely have more power and range. The 2023 BMW iX M60 offers 610 hp and 811 lb-ft of torque, along with an estimated 280-mile range. So we expect a BMW i7 M70 to offer at least 630-640 horsepower and a similar, if not better, electric range.

Regardless of the badge on the boot, the top BMW i7 model will be the most advanced vehicle ever created in Munich. Its interior design is highly digitalized with plenty of luxury amenities worthy of  the 7 Series’ status in the segment. We should learn more about the new BMW 7 Series in the next few weeks, so stay tuned! [Render by]