BMW i7

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VIDEO: BMW i7 Shows Off Impressive 631 km Range

When I first started writing about cars for a living, electric cars were still a novelty. Most EVs were lame hatchbacks, like Nissan Leafs and Chevy Bolts. Then Tesla smashed the EV scene wide open…

See How The BMW i7 Performs In Acceleration Test With Launch Control

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BMW i7 And iX To Join Luxury Taxi Fleet in Japan

Japan’s MK Group runs the most luxurious taxi fleet services in the country and it just added a bunch of electric BMW models to its various different fleets. Spread out among the two different divisions,…

2023 bmw i7 review test drive 07 830x553

2023 BMW i7 — What Changes To Expect

Next year, BMW will add new models to the i7 lineup, its most important luxury car since the original 7 Series. A new entry-level model is expected – the BMW i7 eDrive50, which is likely…

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VIDEO: Can the new BMW i7 Really Beat the S-Class?

Each and every time BMW comes out with a new 7 Series, there’s really only one goal—beat the S-Class. Mercedes’ venerable S-Class is perennially the best luxury car in the world. But can this new…