The upcoming BMW 7 Series will mark a new era for the Bavarian car maker, one where it will share its spotlight with the BMW iX. While the latter is going to be the technological flagship of BMW, the former will still hold a special place in the line-up as it will introduce a lot of other new tidbits. Among them you’ll find new engine choices, hybrid and non-hybrid ones, as well as new luxury features, such as automatic doors or comfort seats in the back.

As we reported earlier today, the new 7 Series will get a host of new engines. This isn’t necessarily news, as we first learned of the heavily hybridized setup the limousine was getting back in 2019. However, this is the first time we get confirmation of our previous report, as well as some cold numbers on what kind of power to expect. The leak comes from a reliable source who has been right about just about all other predictions in the past.


Therefore, the new G70 BMW 7 Series is rumored to get a new generation of straight six mills, mostly updated versions of the B58 and B57 mills. The B58, 3-liter straight six petrol mill is also rumored to get a detuned version, to be used on the 735i (with 270 HP) and an upgraded one on the 740i (with 370 HP). Yes, there are more powerful variants on sale today, but they are not available on the 7 Series. That’s just the appetizer though, because the range will also get hybrid versions.

On this front we will likely see a BMW 745e that will have the same B58 engine under the hood but combined with electric motors, for a total output of 480 HP and a new, M Performance model, dubbed M750e. This one will also use a straight six mill but will have 565 HP and will be one of the most powerful versions you can buy. Luckily, the V8 will also be kept in the range, but with a twist.

The N63 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 will be retired, according to multiple sources. Its place in the line-up will be taken by a new S68 engine, that will still be a V8 and will be hybridized for usage on the XM model. On the BMW 750i, this engine will make around 535 HP and come with all-wheel drive as standard. Of course, that’s not all. As we previously reported, the electric revolution will take over the 7 Series range as well.

We’ll get several i7 models, with specs ranging from 480 HP to over 600 HP on the most powerful iteration of the 7 Series that will be available, the i7 M60. This will be a dual-motor setup, with all-wheel drive, and a huge, 105 kWh battery in the floor. Standard kit will include 21″ wheels, integral steering, and a lot of M badges all around.

Speaking of which, the BMW 750i will also get a lot of M Performance parts, and an M-developed engine under the hood, but won’t have the most powerful letter in the world used in its name. Basically, it’s going to be an undercover M7. Production for the upcoming 7 Series is slated to kick off in July 2022.

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