A new report has surfaced recently, claiming that BMW is not only working on the iX3, iNext and i4 models but another all-electric model as well aimed at the four-door coupe niche. This new report, coming from Italy, claims the BMW i6 is now in development and will target cars like the Porsche Taycan, Audi e-tron GT or the Mercedes-Benz EQS. Of course, one couldn’t rule out the Tesla Model S from this list too.

According to the report from Autoblog.it, the new BMW i6 would have a four-door coupe body style inspired by the BMW i Vision Dynamics. The problem with that is that the BMW i4 is already doing that. BMW has also confirmed that the i4 will basically be an electric 4 Series Gran Coupe inspired by the concept unveiled last year, with a couple of different styling cues. Therefore, the chances of yet another car being developed using the same styling cues seems rather redundant.

The Italian publication says that the BMW i6 should arrive in 2024 and that would imply development is yet to kick off. But our own sources say that no i6 is in the works. Furthermore, a BMW 5 Series electric is in works which wold cover most of that segment. It’s also likely that future BMW i models – past the iX3, i4, i7 and iX – will return to the typical BMW naming convention.

Just to entertain the idea, the Italian website claims the BMW i6 would get two electric motors, one for each axle. The power output would start at 544 PS and go up to 680 PS for an ‘M Performance model’.

It all seems like a bit of a far fetched idea and this report should definitely be taken with a pretty huge grain of salt. Of course, developing a four-door coupe that’s bigger than the i4 could happen in the future and the fact that BMW reserved the i6 nameplate also works in favor of this report, but for now, we remain skeptical. Rest assured, if we hear anything through the grapevine we’ll let you know.