One of the most exciting cars in the pipeline at BMW has to be the upcoming i4. The Bavarians have been slacking a bit on the electrified front, over the past few years. While BMW has sold a lot of “electrified” cars, and recently boasted about it, those cars are mostly hybrids which all have internal combustion engines.

Where BMW has slacked is in fully-electric vehicles, cars that burn not a drop of fuel of any kind. However, that’s going to soon change, as BMW is going to release no less than three all-electric models by 2021. Most importantly, the BMW i4. So let’s take a look at five reasons why you should be excited about the i4.

5. Gran Coupe Styling

Everyone loves a BMW Gran Coupe. Be it the 4 Series, 6 Series or 8 Series, there seems to be unanimous love for any Gran Coupe designs. Thankfully, the upcoming BMW i4 will be based on the next-gen 4 Series Gran Coupe, which will give it a sleek, sporty sedan body style. So not only will it be an all-electric performance sedan from BMW but it will also look great.

4. Fast-Charging Capability

As it stands right now, the upcoming BMW i4 is set to have 150 kW charging capability. In today’s market, that’s quite good. Only three current electric vehicles on sale have that sort of charging speed; the Porsche Taycan, Audi e-tron and Tesla Model 3. Admittedly, finding a charging station that can provide the requisite juice is almost impossible at the moment. Though, when the i4 finally makes its debut, that technology will be far more readily available.

3. All-Weather Performance BMW

BMW hasn’t claimed yet whether or not the i4 will be solely all-wheel drive or have all-wheel drive as an option. However, there’s a near certainty that the BMW i4 will at least be offered in a dual-motor, all-wheel drive configuration. That will give it real-time torque-vectoring all-wheel drive, capable of making the i4 an all-weather performance Bimmer. For years, BMW M cars were shunned by enthusiasts in areas with rough winter climates. Now, they’re beginning to get all-wheel drive for those customers and the i4 will go along with them.

2. Healthy Range

It seems that no auto manufacturers can actually meet their claimed ranges when their EVs finally go on sale. However, if the BMW i4 can even get close to reaching its claimed 373-mile (600 km) range, it will have one of the very best in the business. That’s also far more than anyone will need to cure range-anxiety. That’s a further range than most performance gasoline cars, if we’re being honest. If it has 350 miles of range, the BMW i4 will be a home run.

1. Speed and Powerrrrr

The BMW i4 should make even the most hardened of electric car detractors happy, even Jeremy Clarkson. Why? Because it will have gobs of speed and power. The i4 will pack BMW’s latest fifth-gen electric powertrain technology which will give it a claimed 530 hp. That means it will be able to get from 0-60 mph in about 4.0 seconds flat. That’s damn quick for an electric sedan with even 350 miles of range. It’s not Tesla Model 3 Performance quick but it’s still quick enough. It will also have a top speed of 120 mph. So the BMW i4 will be faster than most of its own sport sedans and be all-electric. Sounds perfect.