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BMW Canada Study About EVs Has Interesting Findings

BMW projects at least half of its global annual sales will be represented by electric vehicles by the end of the decade, hence why it’s heavily investing in bolstering the EV lineup. At the same…

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Real Madrid Drops Audi, Uses BMW Electric Vehicles

World-renowned Real Madrid club and BMW signed earlier today an agreement with the aim of developing different initiatives in the field of future mobility, sustainability and diversity. Florentino Perez, President of the Real Madrid Football…

How Much Does it Cost to Charge an EV versus Refueling ICE

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What’s the Best Non-Supercharger Charging Network?

Easily the biggest selling point for Tesla vehicles is the Supercharger network. At this point, Teslas aren’t that much better than their EV competitors from legacy automakers, if they’re better at all. Plus, build quality…

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BMW i4 M50 – Should I Buy One and Why?

Now that the BMW i4 M50 is on sale, there are going to be a lot of customers cautiously interested. The apprehension to buy such a car is understandable, as the vast majority of BMW…