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Range vs Charge Speed: Which is More Important for EVs?

The electric vehicle is obviously nothing new, with EVs becoming readily available to the masses over a decade ago. However, EVs are now starting to become mainstream enough that infrastructure and government regulation changes are…

BMW Should Bring the Isetta Back as an EV

BMW i3 Urban Suite 06 830x553

BMW won’t force customers to buy electric vehicles

The electric vehicles market is on the rise with more and more customers being interested in buying an electric car. And the sales numbers are showing it. While it does seem like the uptake is…

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Report: BMW i6 in the works, but likely not true

A new report has surfaced recently, claiming that BMW is not only working on the iX3, iNext and i4 models but another all-electric model as well aimed at the four-door coupe niche. This new report,…