Let’s take a break from all the debate regarding the new M5’s worryingly high curb weight and focus on customization. BMW promises up to 150 special colors will be available for the G90. Many of these are now already featured on the dedicated BMW Individual Visualizer website. We decided to share more than a few samples to show how the super sedan looks with various paint schemes.

From simple exterior finishes such as white and black to eye-catching shades like green and orange, the new M5 is immensely configurable. Aside from solid and metallic paints, you can opt for a Frozen color with a matte finish. All the cars featured here have the optional carbon fiber roof. However, BMW is going to sell the seventh-generation M5 with a panoramic glass roof as well.

The comprehensive list of colors includes everything from Fire Orange and Sao Paulo Yellow to Urban Green and Misano Blue. There are also some interesting choices like Sepia Brown, Brass Metallic, and Agave Uni. The BMW Individual Visualizer website we mentioned not only includes the names of all these colors but also their internal codenames. In addition, you can pick your favorite color and then download images onto your computer.

You’re not stuck with that two-tone wheel design (Style 952 M) since there’s also a different set (Style 951 M). More are on the way since BMW promises M Performance Parts will be offered from launch, including forged wheels. These alloys have a staggered setup, measuring 20 inches at the front and 21 inches at the rear.

If BMW ever decides to do another special M5 such as a CS, surely even more customization options will be offered. The F90-generation M5 Competition Sport was offered in Frozen Deep Green but buyers could also get it in Frozen Brands Hatch Grey.

Source: BMW Individual Visualizer