Autocar UK published an article last week highlighting BMW’s plans to build two entry-level electric vehicles. The BMW i1 and i2 were rumored to arrive in 2027, according to the publication. However, our own sources say that might not be the case. Both compact EVs are not scheduled to enter production until summer-fall 2028, with the first units hitting the market a few months later.

“The new i1 is expected to be sold as either a hatchback or a saloon, while the i2 will be a compact crossover with the option of a coupé bodystyle,” says Autocar. However, our own sources point to a different styling. Allegedly, the BMW i1 will continue to feature a hatchback style and will be sold alongside the recently unveiled F70 1 Series combustion-powered models. The hatchback market is still quite important for automakers in Europe, so that style is unlikely to go away anytime soon.

Based on Neue Klasse

Furthermore, the BMW i2 will not be a crossover or a coupe but rather an i2 Gran Coupe initially. The compact four-door segment is still an important one for BMW, especially when it comes to electrification. As expected, both cars will use the upcoming Neue Klasse platform rather than the existing FAAR (FWD) or CLAR (RWD) platforms. Of course, that means we won’t be seeing an i1 or i2 on the current F70 and F74 (due out in early 2025) models.

The two new EVs are developed under the codename NB0 (BMW i1) and NB8 (BMW i2). There is no news on power, range, and charging capabilities, but we do expect them to match the market’s demands. BMW is getting ready to launch their Gen6 battery packs and electric motors.

The fifth-generation battery pack was a massive step forward over previous iterations, offering a 20% increase in density. Incredibly, the battery was also smaller and lighter and offered significantly more range than the outgoing battery. The newest Gen6 battery promises similarly impressive improvement. It, too, is smaller and lighter, and BMW claims a 20% increase in density and a 30% increase in range.

Of course, BMW has more work to do before the launch of the i1 and i2. First in the electrification line will be the iX3 (NA5) crossover and i3 sedan (NA0) which will be out in 2025 and 2026, respectively.

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