BMW and bluetooth phones compatibility

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After our series of articles on the iPhone and the BMW compatibility , we have decided to give you a few details on the BMW …

After our series of articles on the iPhone and the BMW compatibility , we have decided to give you a few details on the BMW models and compatible bluetooth phones, pairing process and other useful information. it's a website built by BMW in collaboration with Auto Wireless Solution. According to their website,  

Auto Wireless Solutions is an expert provider of phones, accessories and account service. That's why BMW chose Auto Wireless Solutions as a service provider. They are a team of people uniquely knowledgeable in the space where the automobile meets wireless technology.


The website is doing an amazing job at offering information on bluetooth enabled phone that are compatible with the BMW cars, and it offers some valuable guides on how to setup your phone wit your car, based on the phone's brand and the BMW series number. Beside the very informative guides, the user can always watch their instructional videos which cover all the important steps in the pairing process. 

I highly recommend you would bookmark their website and use it as a reference in case you run into any technical issues or you would just like to check the compatibility of your new phone.  

4 responses to “BMW and bluetooth phones compatibility”

  1. need info on phones compatible with my 750i 2006 model BMW.
    my present phone ie smartphone is not working.
    my email is

    • The3popes says:

      I also need info on compatibility of phones with my 2006 750i. The bmw website is worthless.
      Called the dealer, they don’t know, and called the national customer service number with no luck.
      The car came with bluetooth when I bought it new and have been using a blackberry with no
      problems. After typing my Vin # into the website it tells me my car does not have bluetooth. National
      customer service said “sorry”.
      Would like to upgrade the phone to a new 4G Samsung Windows phone or a Droid.  Help!!!!

  2. Ivan says:

    I have an 08 550i that I ordered built with the bluetooth kit from BMW.
    The phone (Motorola Backflip) is tempermental and chooses when it will work and when it won’t. It rings at times and when I pick up from the steering wheel, the caller is not heard over the BT system. This forces me to grab the phone. Other times it will work and there seems to be no pattern of logic with this thing.
    I am also having to turn of the BT often to reset it and get it to work.
    Is there a fix for this problem short of buying a different phone?

    • michael says:


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