In today’s podcast episode, Horatiu and Nate delve into various BMW topics, spotlighting the new BMW Z4 M40i with a six-speed manual. Horatiu had the opportunity to test-drive a prototype version of the car and shared his insights on the revamped manual and the overall driving experience of the Z4. He explores the changes done to the manual transmission and to the overall Z4 platform. Next, he talks about the driving experience and how it compares to other manual BMW models.

Next on the agenda is the BMW iX M60, exploring the realities of living with an electric car, like the charging process. Horatiu shares his findings on a 10% to 80% DC fast charge test which took place last week. He also details the new software update for the BMW iX which brings an improved charging curve for the electric crossover. Therefore, the BMW iX M60 can get around 100 miles of range now in less than 15 minutes when using a 350 kW Electrify America charging station.

Another topic of today’s podcast is the 2023 BMW 760i luxury limousine. Nate recently took the 760i for a spin, and he offers his perspectives on the luxury aspects of the new 7 Series. He talks about the interior design of the car and its tech, along with the spectacular Theater Screen. Is it a gimmick or a useful feature? We discuss that topic as well. To wrap things up, we shift our focus to the Tesla Cybertruck, sparking a conversation about whether BMW should consider building a luxury pickup truck in the future.

It’s an episode brimming with information, so buckle up and give it a listen! As always, you can listen either from the media player down below, or anywhere else you can find podcasts; Apple, Google, Spotify, or Stitcher. Of course, you can also watch our latest podcasts on Youtube!