At the beginning of this month, we journeyed to the 2024 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance, not just to marvel at classic cars but also to take the new 2024 BMW Z4 M40i for a spin. Our initial encounter with the six-speed manual Z4 M40i occurred last fall, aiming for an in-depth review and a comprehensive video this time around. However, the Frozen Deep Green BMW Z4 M40i we drove was a pre-production model, which imposed certain limitations on our driving experience. Despite these constraints, we managed a brief stint behind the wheel, sufficient to collect some information about this manual roadster.

A Proper Driver’s Car

As you might have heard by now, BMW is enhancing the Z4 M40i with not just a manual transmission but also with a unique package, called the Handschalter, short for “Hand Switch.” The engineering team has meticulously fine-tuned the chassis, integrated a custom anti-roll bar clamp at the front, and refined the software for the variable steering. Adjustments were also made to the electronic control mapping for the rear dampers. Moreover, the traction control system and the M Sport differential feature newly calibrated settings. Of course, more importantly, the six-speed manual has been revised to mimic the one in the Toyota Supra which many have praised so far.

The package also includes a new set of staggered wheels, 19-inch alloys at the front and 20-inch at the rear. Customers can pick from seven metallic paint choice or Alpine White non-metallic. The San Remo Green metallic is only available on manual transmission version. If you have an additional $2,950, you can also purchase the exclusive BMW Individual Frozen Deep Green metallic.

382 Horsepower, RWD

In North America, the Z4 M40i’s unleashed turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine delivers a robust 382 hp, with torque peaking at 369 lb-ft (500 Nm). Remarkably, the manual variant retains the automatic’s vigor, ensuring no compromise in performance. As we’ve experienced last year, the new shorter shifter is great, the shifting is quicker and more precise and engaging. BMW says that the changes start with the shift linkage which is different than the Supra’s. The shifting behavior is different than all of the 6-speed manuals offered today in other BMW products.

The manual Z4 M40i might just be BMW’s grand finale for this iconic model. Rumors suggest that the G29 series will cease production in March 2026, as Magna Steyr plans to discontinue manufacturing the roadster in their Graz, Austria, facility. If this turns out to be true, the six-speed manual could be the Z4’s ultimate iteration, marking a fitting end to its legacy. Here is our first video review of the 2024 BMW Z4 M40i, but make sure to subscribe to our channel because soon we will head to the track with this proper sportscar!