In a move that caters to both aesthetic preferences and performance enhancements, AC Schnitzer has officially introduced a broad spectrum of aftermarket parts for the BMW 5 Series G60 and G61 models. This comprehensive offering ranges from performance upgrades to unique interior accessories, aligning with the needs of enthusiasts looking for both style and substance in their vehicle modifications.

Exterior Upgrades

Starting with the exterior, AC Schnitzer has engineered several aerodynamic components designed to give the BMW 5 Series a more aggressive and streamlined appearance. These include a new front splitter, side skirt add-ons, a trunk lid spoiler, and an additional roof-mounted spoiler. Not only do these modifications enhance the car’s visual appeal, but they also aim to improve its aerodynamic efficiency.

New Wheels

To complement the exterior changes, the tuner has also introduced new wheel sets, including options like the AC3 Flowforming alloys, available in black, anthracite, or a silver-anthracite combination, and the AC4 and AC1 sets in various finishes. For those prioritizing a sharper driving experience, AC Schnitzer offers a suspension upgrade that includes a lowering kit, capable of reducing the car’s height by 15 to 30 mm  depending on the axle.

Small But Effective Upgrades Inside

Inside the cabin, the enhancements remain understated yet functional. The aftermarket parts include aluminum pedals and footrest, a Black Line iDrive controller, and a sleek key holder, contributing to a refined interior ambiance without overwhelming the original design. AC Schnitzer says that all parts for the BMW 5 Series have undergone rigorous testing on public roads and racetracks to ensure their quality and performance.

There is no pricing posted at this time, but you can always inquire directly with AC Schnitzer.