The Neue Klasse is BMW’s designation for a series of all-electric models set to debut in the next half of this decade. The name, reminiscent of the original Neue Klasse sedans produced from 1962 until 1972, signifies a pivotal moment in BMW’s history, establishing its sport sedan identity and saving the company from financial difficulties. These new models are expected to be just as transformative.

Exterior Design of the Neue Klasse

The exterior design of the Neue Klasse will vary by model, as it refers to the chassis architecture rather than a single model. While the sedan and possibly coupe versions will be inspired by the Vision Neue Klasse Concept seen in September 2023, the SUVs’ designs are still under wraps, with only camouflaged versions spotted so far, hinting at a sporty profile with details like flush door handles. Expect a similar “phygital” front-end with double lights for the headlamps and a glowing kidney grille.

Interior and Technology of the Neue Klasse

The Neue Klasse will feature a minimalist interior with a next-generation, dashboard-spanning Panoramic Display, a central display and a head-up display. The steering wheel is expected to have top and bottom flat designs with minimal spokes, aligning with the minimalist vibe of newer BMW models. Interior options will likely include synthetic leather upholstery with a possible option for real leather. It remains to be seen if the velour will be used in production series models. Unfortunately, the iDrive knob will be gone and replaced by controls on the steering wheel.

Performance of the Neue Klasse

The Neue Klasse will feature a completely new electric drive and battery generation, along with a redefined IT and software architecture, aiming for a new level of sustainability across the vehicle’s entire lifecycle. Powered by a fully electric drivetrain, the Neue Klasse vehicles will offer between 270 and 1,341 horsepower. Thanks to a new 800-volt architecture, they aim to set new benchmarks in range and charging speed, with reports suggesting up to 30 miles of range added per minute of charging. Designed to send power to two, three or four wheels, these vehicles promise enjoyable driving experiences even at lower power levels.

Availability of Neue Klasse Models

The first Neue Klasse vehicles will be the i3 Sedan (NA0) and iX3 (NA5), with the lineup eventually expanding to mirror current BMW models thanks to the flexible architecture. The launch schedule starts in 2025, with other models following after:

  • iX1 (NB5) in 2027
  • i4 Coupe (NA2) in 2028
  • i4 Convertible (NA3) in 2028
  • i1 (NB0) in 2028
  • i5 (NC0) before 2030

M Series Models of the Neue Klasse

M Series models are also planned: an electric M3 (ZA0) and iX3M (ZA5). These high-performance models will likely debut a year or two after the standard models. Of course, other M electric models will follow, like the M4, M5, iX4M and more.

Cost of the Neue Klasse Models

Despite being BMW’s most expensive project, efforts to lower battery costs by 30% may allow the Neue Klasse vehicles to be competitively priced. Official pricing details are yet to be announced.