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BMW 340i F30 vs BMW 323i E36 60

Which was the Best BMW You’ve Ever Owned?

As BMW enthusiasts, we’ve all likely owned at least a couple of different BMWs over the years. Admittedly, I’ve only owned one, the first car I every actually bought, an E36 BMW 328i sedan. So…

BMW 128ti launches in South Africa with a proper photoshoot

BMW X6 M F86 Melbourne Rot Red 01 750x500

Video: 800 HP BMW X6 M drag races Lamborghini Urus

Ever since Lamborghini unveiled the Urus, enthusiasts worldwide started thinking about which cars it should take on. The truth of the matter is, Lamborghini arrived a bit late to the party, as BMW, Mercedes-AMG and…

The New BMW M8 Gran Coupe MotoGP Safety Car F93 10 830x553

BMW M CEO teases the upcoming G82 M4 Safety Car

Markus Flasch is not your typical CEO of a car company. Or in this case, of a car division. Ever since he took over the M chair in September 2018, the young car executive has…