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BMW XM Label Red Will Do 0 To 100 KM/H In 3.9 Seconds

When BMW introduced the production-ready XM in late September 2022, it also announced a future Label Red version. Coming this fall, the most powerful production car ever from the Munich-based marque will have 748 hp…

BMW XM Sapphire Black Shows Menacing Look In Extended Photo Gallery

BMW M5: History and Evolution

The BMW M3 is a fantastic car that is all too often associated with building the reputation that BMW has earned over the last few decades as a purveyor of fine, sporting, automobiles. Of course,…

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Insights into the 2023 BMW M2: Q&A with BMW M

Although the driving experiences and evaluations of the 2023 BMW M2 are currently restricted from public release until April 2nd, we have arranged an interview with BMW M to uncover further information about the car…