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Video: Autocar Reviews the BMW X3 M and X4 M

BMW X3 M, BMW X4 M, Videos | August 23rd, 2019 by Gabriel Nica

According to BMW M, the X3 M is bound to become the best selling model in their range in the near future. If you think …

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Rumor: BMW Vision M Next Concept to Eventually Spawn Fully Electric M Supercar

BMW i, BMW M, News | August 8th, 2019 by Gabriel Nica

The Vision M Next Concept we’ve seen from BMW earlier this year will head to production in 2023. We’ve reported already that the concept will …

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Project Rockstar — The Future BMW X8 M brings Hybrid V8 Power

BMW M, News | August 7th, 2019 by Nico DeMattia

Just recently, we speculated what a bespoke M car might be like, an M car not based on any series production BMW. M Division CEO …

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BMW Exhausts Could Become Quieter in the Future

BMW M, News | August 3rd, 2019 by Gabriel Nica

I know this is something you never wanted to hear but it looks like some regulation changes in Europe will make exhausts of all cars …

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What could Markus Flasch’s Bespoke BMW M car be? Let’s Speculate

BMW M, Interesting, News | August 2nd, 2019 by Nico DeMattia

A few weeks back, I flew to Canada to attend North America’s first ever M Festival. The actual festival itself was great and I had …

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INTERVIEW: BMW M CEO Markus Flasch talks the Future of M, Bespoke M Cars and the Manual Transmission

BMW M, Interesting | July 23rd, 2019 by Nico DeMattia

I recently had the chance to go to Canada for North America’s first-ever M Festival at the Canadian Tire and Motorsport Park. BMW Canada was …

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Video: How to Use Your BMW High Performance Brakes

BMW M, Videos | July 18th, 2019 by Gabriel Nica

You’d think that one of the easiest concepts to understand, in this technology-filled automotive world, would be the brakes. In my head, using the brake …

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Upcoming BMW X6 M gets rendered based on the new X6

BMW M, BMW X5 M, BMW X6 M | July 9th, 2019 by Horatiu Boeriu

The folks at have put together a new rendering of the BMW X6 M based on the recently unveiled G06 X6. As expected, the …

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Check Out the BMW Vision M NEXT Up Close in These Videos

BMW M, Videos | July 7th, 2019 by Nico DeMattia

Every once in awhile, a concept car comes from an automaker that ends up shaping the future of said brand. For instance, the BMW Turbo …

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BMW i3 and i8 might soon end, Vision M NEXT will be “Fast and Furious”

BMW i, BMW M, Interesting, News | June 30th, 2019 by Nico DeMattia

Just recently BMW’s Head of R&D Klaus Frohlich dropped a bit of a bombshell by claiming European customers don’t want electric cars. It sent the …