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Rendering artist showcases a BMW M Vision Concept Crossover

For many old-school BMW purists, their favorite Bavarian brand is almost unrecognizable with the one they grew up loving. BMW is undergoing quite the radical change at the moment; with everything from the brand’s design…

Mercedes AMG GT R 750x500

Should BMW M Follow Mercedes-AMG’s Lead with Bespoke Cars?

When rumors first began to swirl regarding BMW M developing its very own bespoke standalone car, enthusiasts’ minds were immediately filled with grand visions of a high-performance, lightweight, driver-focused sports car. We dreamed of a…

SPIED: Upcoming BMW X8 Spotted Up Close with New Styling

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Which Classic BMW Would You Convert to Electric?

As the electric car became more mainstream, classic car enthusiasts grew more and more worrisome. To owners of classic cars, electrification seemed like a threat to their passion. However, it might actually be electrification that…

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BMW Vision M NEXT is Officially Dead Due to Cost

When BMW first showed off its Vision M NEXT supercar concept, the enthusiast community collectively drooled. It was a stunning looking concept of a supercar from BMW M with a hybrid powertrain. However, about a…