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After several articles I wrote on the upcoming BMW 135 , I have received numerous emails from my readers asking me about the price on …

After several articles I wrote on the upcoming BMW 135 , I have received numerous emails from my readers asking me about the price on the new 1-series cars, and especially the BMW 135i. As I have mentioned in my previous articles on the BMW 1-series , the BMW 135i will be powered by the 3.0-liter turbocharged six from the 335i coupes and sedan, which makes this particular model even more appealing.

The BMW 135i also comes with the M Sport Package standard and the Brenbo brakes, which will probably set a higher price than expected. The rumored price that I have been hearing for the past weeks is situated somewhere around the $35,000 mark. The smaller sibbling, the BMW 128, is rumored to have the price set between $29,000-$31,000.

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Of course, there are all specualations at this point. There are also people expressing their opinion against the 1-series, and some of them think that this is a bad move in the BMW’s marketing department, but I think BMW is trying to kill three birds with one stone:

  1. Produce a small car with amazing aerodynamics.
  2. Boost the image of the 3-series, buyers won’t be seeing them as entry level models anymore
  3. Establish a new benchmark and attract a different crowd to the brand

Within the next three months, many speculations will arise, but by the time the car hits the floors at the L.A show, BMW will release the pricing information and we can all plan ahead our next purchase. An European Delivery on the BMW 135 will be an interesting experience, on top of the money savings. About the 1-series and European Delivery, I will write a new article in the future. Until then, stay tunned for more information.

15 responses to “BMW 135i Price”

  1. dinh says:

    hi can you give me the price of bmw 135i thanks you

  2. Irv Robinson says:

    We don’t have a final price yet, but from what I heard, it will be somewhere between $33-$35k for the BMW 135i.

  3. Steve Klotz says:

    My local dealer suggests that the price placement will be somewhere between the 328 and 335 coupe.

  4. Andrew Akers says:

    I like the look but .. Audi has the A3 ( I own one ) and you can get it with leather , sunroof, cold weather package, that fantastic DSG transmission and a few other amenities for around 31 grand . By the time you add all that up on the 128 you would be staring 35 grand right in the face if you were lucky . Im still going to test drive one but I bet the A3 is a better value .

  5. BMW 3 Fan says:

    I have just pre-ordered that 1 series coupe, should be a monster car!

  6. steve says:

    real pricing info at h t t p: www . webpiece . net

  7. steve says:

    real pricing info at www . webpiece . net

  8. Andrew Akers says:

    After reading the reviews in Europe and the general Specs on the car the 128 at least is going to have a tough time over Audi s A3 2.0 . I own an A3 and have been reading with great interest about the 128 . So far from what I have seen the A3 wins hands down for as we all know by the time you get all the goodies you want on a car it is usually the base price plus about 20 percent. My 2006 loaded A3 2.0 came to around 31k now it is I think about 31 500 but I bet the Bimmer gets to about 34 or 35 in a heart beat . It will be fun to watch .

  9. John says:

    So what do you think about your A3 vs the 1series Andrew? Wanna retract “hands down”?

  10. andrew akers says:

    Nope no retractions .. The DSG tranny in the A3( and VW ) is light years ahead of anything being offered by BMW. It even has found its way into the Bugatti Veyron. Interior fit and finish and superior materials and the fact there is plenty of room in the cabin for other than people make this car very hard to beat. And the price is right . I keep going back to the price … Go drive an A3 2.0 with the DSG and then go drive the bimmer . You will be suprised.

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