While all brands have big plans for each new year, with new models and releases planned years in advance, 2022 is going to be an especially big year for BMW. The Bavarian brand has a ton of models on the way, many of which will be hugely important. So let’s take a look at all the models on the way next year.

BMW 3 Series Facelift

Photos provided to us by www.instagram.com/joelre98

Even though the BMW 3 Series is no longer the brand’s best-selling model (that title now belongs to the X3), it’s still the car that BMW is most known for. Really, BMW is a 3 Series company; a maker of midsize premium sport sedans; and this new one is among the brand’s best cars.

It’s also one of BMW’s best looking cars, with a sensible grille and handsome headlights. When its mid-cycle LCI (facelift) comes, it will bring even more new style to an already good looking package, without changing too much about it. After the 4 Series grille debacle, the 3 Series LCI will be a breath of fresh air. Inside, the 3 Series Facelift is rumored to get a large LCD screen, similar to the BMW i4’s, along with the latest BMW iDrive operating system.

G60 BMW 5 Series

Rendering by instagram.com/sugardesign_1

Much like the current BMW 3 Series, the current G30 5 Series is among BMW’s most handsome cars. However, it’s on its way out, as the current 5er is getting replaced and the new G60-generation will be announced next year. This is exciting news for a couple of reasons. One is that its design should be refreshing. From what we’ve heard, the G60 5 Series’ design is simple, elegant, and restrained. Apparently, BMW didn’t want to give it the same bold styling as the upcoming 7 Series. The other reason is that the new 5 Series should be introducing some new powertrains, such as plug-in hybrids, a new V8, and even an all-electric model, the upcoming BMW i5. That’s really the big news for the G60 5 Series, as it will be the first electric 5 Series in history.

BMW 7 Series G70/G71

Rendering by instagram.com/kdesignag

The big news for the next-gen 7 Series, which will launch next year, is three-fold. The first is that it will get an all-new design with split headlights up front. In spy photos, we’ve see glimpses of this new design and it’s causing a bit of a stir among enthusiasts. The 7er has always been the more reserved car in its class, compared to the more stylish Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Audi A8, but this new car isn’t going to be very subtle. Other big news will be the introduction of the BMW i7, an all-electric luxury sedan based on the 7 Series. Lastly, according to recent reports, it will also feature Level 3 autonomous driving, making it the first car to have such technology on the market.

BMW 8 series Facelift

I’m on record liking the current BMW 8 Series. It’s a very cool, but flawed, GT car, regardless of body style. However, an LCI facelift isn’t going to save the 8 Series from obscurity unless BMW makes some big changes, which it’s unlikely to do. As good of a car as the 8er is, it has some fatal flaws; it’s too expensive, not luxurious enough for its price, and it’s not as good as its rivals, especially now that the new Mercedes-Benz SL-Class is here. Hopefully, some updated styling (it needs an interior upgrade more than anything else) and maybe some handling tweaks can put the 8 Series back into the conversation.

BMW M2 G87

Spy photos courtesy of instagram.com/wilcoblok/

Based on this new BMW 2 Series, the next-generation M2 will truly be the last of its kind. BMW just isn’t going to make small, rear-wheel drive, internal combustion, performance coupes for much longer and the next-gen BMW M2 is almost certainly the last in line. More than that, it will also likely be the last M car to be offered with a manual transmission, as those are dying, too. Thankfully, we expect good things from the next-gen M2, as the current 2 Series seems quite good to drive and we’ve heard good things from our sources.

BMW M3 Touring G81

Render by Motor.es

This is the most highly anticipated car of the year for BMW. Hell, it might be the most highly anticipated BMW of the past decade. BMW enthusiasts have been begging their favorite brand to build a wagon version of the M3 since the ’90s but their pleas always fell on deaf ears. Until now, that is. Next year, we’ll see the first ever BMW M3 Touring and it’s hard to not be excited about it, even if it will have a big beaver grille. It will come in Competition xDrive spec only, which means 503 horsepower, 479 lb-ft of torque, an automatic transmission, and all-wheel drive. In a wagon.


Photo by instagram.com/wilcoblok

Another hugely exciting car to come from BMW next year is the M4 CSL, which will bring back the iconic “CSL” name after almost two decades. The last CSL model was the E46 M3 CSL, which is often regarded as the best driving BMW of all time. Big shoes to fill for this new one, then. Under its skin, the new BMW M4 CSL should come close to replicating the magic of its legendary predecessor, at least on paper. It will pack around 550 horsepower, drive only its rear wheels, and it will be lighter, sharper, and more dynamic than any other M3 or M4. We cannot wait to try it out.


Rendering by @magnus.concepts on Instagram

Adding another first to BMW’s 2022 model lineup, the upcoming BMW XM will actually be an M Division first. The XM will be the first-ever standalone M Division product, designed and built from the ground up in Garching, Germany (BMW M HQ). We don’t know everything about the BMW XM but we do know one thing for certain; it’s going to back a brand-new twin-turbo V8 hybrid model, with around 750 horsepower. That will make it not only the M Division’s first hybrid model but also the most powerful BMW product in history.

BMW X1 U11

Image by @wilcoblok on Instagram

I think one of the most underappreciated cars in BMW’s lineup is the current BMW X1. While the X1 is no canyon carver, nor is it a great example of the “Ultimate Driving Machine”, it is a great example of a family car that’s actually enjoyable to drive. As much as us enthusiasts love to talk about fast wagons as daily drivers, the reality of life for many of us is that we need a sensible SUV. The problem is that most sensible SUVs are boring. However the BMW X1 is surprisingly good to drive and it’s getting a newer, even better driving model. This next-gen X1 will also look better, pack a nicer interior, and more tech, all for around the same cost as the 3 Series, if the current model is anything to go by.

BMW X5/X6 Facelift

At the moment, the best looking BMW SUV is probably the X5. It’s such a handsome, sophisticated looking SUV that’s great to drive, too. While its BMW X6 sibling is a bit less widely appreciated, its style is beloved by its customers. However, BMW isn’t going to just leave them alone while their competitors get newer and better looking. For 2022, BMW will be giving both the X5 and X6 an LCI makeover, which will add some new style to the outside and new tech inside.

BMW X7 Facelift

Much like the BMW X5 and X6, the 2022 BMW X7 will be getting the LCI treatment. However, the X7’s will be a bit different in that it will borrow its design from the all-new 7 Series, which will also debut next year. So expect split headlights and an updated kidney grille for the BMW X7, as well as some new interior tech. It wouldn’t surprise us to see the X7 get the same cabin tech as the 7 Series, so as to not make X7 customers feel left out.

BMW iX1 U01

Render by TopElectricSUV

In addition to the new BMW X1, there will also be a fully electric version, dubbed the BMW iX1. It will be BMW’s second all-electric SUV offering, after the current BMW iX. However, it will also be BMW’s cheapest EV, allowing more customers to get their hands on an electric BMW. Expect it to look as similar to the standard X1 as the i4 does to the standard 4 Series Gran Coupe. It should also have similar cabin tech and design, since the two cars will share a chassis.

BMW iX M60

Now that the BMW iX is here, it’s time to wait for the performance variant. Being BMW, it couldn’t just let the iX go without giving it some added punch and the iX M60 is going to be the car to do it. The M Performance version of the BMW iX should make over 600 horsepower, though we have no official info at this time. That should make it quite pokey, though, considering the current version with 516 horsepower is quite quick.

BMW Z4 Facelift

Images by www.bimmertoday.de

Lastly, the BMW Z4 will be getting an LCI. Barely. While this new Z4 is actually a much better car than it gets credit for, it’s selling about as well as a bacon cheeseburger at a PETA convention. No one wants Z4s, unfortunately, so BMW isn’t going to invest a ton of money into its LCI. However, expect a few tweaks here and there, maybe a couple of new colors, and an update to the iDrive system. Aside from that, it should be about the same.

As you can see, 2022 is going to be a big year for BMW. Several all-new models will be revealed and even more LCIs, which will keep most of BMW’s lineup feeling fresh. For BMW enthusiasts, 2022 is going to be an exciting year, so buckle up.