The BMW iX can now finally be configured on the BMW USA website. The online configurator is now live and you can use it to create your perfect combination and then even order the car. The main issue here though is that orders will take some time to be delivered. Officially, the iX will be arriving stateside next year so there’s a bit of a wait involved too. And that’s if things go well with the suppliers.

In case you forgot, BMW too is affected by the microchip shortage that we’re all experiencing right now and things are not turning around anytime soon. BMW even had to pull some options off the shelves in order to be able to keep making cars, from head-up display to the touch-sensitive screens on certain cars. Nevertheless, whenever there’s a challenge somewhere, opportunities present themselves too. Therefore, despite these strong headwinds, BMW managed to become even more profitable during these challenging times.

That’s because they prioritized expensive cars on the production lines so that the profit margins would be higher. The BMW iX falls into that category. According to the online configurator, pricing starts at $83,200 in the US and that’s for the xDrive50 model, which is the only one making it across the pond for now. That’s a 516 horsepower electric SUV with all-wheel drive and a 0-60 of 4.4 seconds. The included battery pack has a usable capacity of 105 kWh and an estimated range of 300 miles.

Go into the configurator and you’ll soon notice that the price tag will rise quite fast. The Sport package is definitely worth the money, as it makes the car look more aggressive, brings 21″ wheels into the mix and the Shadowline exterior trims. For $2,800, it’s well worth the money. There are plenty of free colors included for the iX, such as Phytonic Blue or Blue Ridge Mountain. If you want something a bit more special, it will cost you $1,950. You also get a wide range of wheels available, upping the size to 22″ setting you back $950.

Leather will also set you back $2,450 but, if you want to be ‘sustainable’ we recommend the $500 Stonegrey Microfiber/Wool blend. To finish things off, the Premium package should also be ticked, at $4,000 and your final price tag should be around $95,000 which isn’t bad at all, considering how much car you’re actually getting for that money.

[Source: BMW USA]