Nico DeMattia

My very first car was an E36 BMW 328i and I’ve been hooked on the brand ever since. My passion has grown even stronger throughout the years and now I basically have the dream job of any car enthusiast — to drive cars and write about my experiences. I’ve seen some pretty crazy things, been on some incredible and dangerous adventures and met some really great people during my time. Oh, and driven some amazing cars. I’m a bigger fan of classic cars than new ones, especially BMWs and the quirkier the better. Cars that are weird, unusual or unwanted, those are the cars I like. I’m the kind of guy that’d rather drive an E30 Touring than a new M3. Though I’d never otherwise turn down a drive in the latter, of course. I also love bringing old, worn down cars back to life. But I’ve always been a car enthusiast in general and can and will talk to anyone about any kind of car for any amount of time. Start talking cars with me and you’d better have an unacceptable amount of time to talk, because I won’t shut up.
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Upclose With the New 2023 BMW XM – Photo Gallery

There’s no denying the controversiality of the BMW XM’s looks. Read any article, look at any forum, or any social media post and the comments sections will be filled with arguing about its design. However,…

VIDEO: Is the BMW iX Faster Than the Model Y, GV60, and Mustang Mach E?

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BMW X6 M Meindl Edition is Different

BMW is very into fashion at the moment, seemingly constantly partnering with fashion designers and brands to make unique, stylish one-offs. It just launched a campaign, with custom cars and apparel, in collaboration with KITH….

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Ed Norton stars in new KITH x BMW campaign

KITH and BMW teamed up once again, to combine fashion and cars and this time it’s going to auction off both. For the collaboration, KITH and BMW configured an exclusive BMW i4, along with a…