YouTuber Automotive Mike hit the BMW test vehicle jackpot recently, spotting an entire caravan of camouflaged BMW test mules driving down public roads. Among the vehicles seen, there are some interesting observations and a few question marks. So let’s jump in and see what was driving around Germany.

The first test Bimmer seen was the upcoming BMW 7 Series, which is going to get some big ole kidney grilles and a new headlight design. It’s the latter that’s stirring up some controversy, as it’s likely going to get a controversial split headlight design. I’m not here to say it’s going to look bad — because maybe it will look great, no one really knows at this point — but BMW seems intent on taking a blowtorch to its traditional design cues.

Next up was the BMW iX3 LCI facelift. The iX3 is still quite new but it’s getting the same LCI facelift as the X3 and X4, which is a bit ahead of schedule but BMW couldn’t let its newest X3 variant look older than the rest. Let’s hope BMW updates the range with it, because the iX3 really isn’t competitive in the segment.

Image by @joelre98 on Instagram

Potentially more interesting for BMW was what came after the iX3 — the BMW XM. We know that the XM is going to be the M Division’s first-ever bespoke model; built from the ground up without the use of an existing BMW model. The test mule in this video also seemed to be the hybrid model because… it said “Hybrid Test Vehicle” on the back. Right behind it was a facelifted BMW 8 Series, too, which better spruce up its cabin and handling if BMW wants anyone to buy it.

There were also a few other interesting vehicles; a BMW iX, which doesn’t need to be camouflaged so maybe we’re looking at a new, higher performance model; a BMW M240i wearing full camo, which is odd because we’ve already seen it but it could just be an old test mule; and a BMW 2 Series Active Tourer that had an equipment box on the back which read “Messfahrt” and I don’t care how childish it is, I laughed.

Check this video out to see a lot of upcoming BMWs doing some camouflaged testing. Look closely enough an you’ll likely spot some interesting new details about their designs, potentially their powertrains, or maybe even some options.