The design of future BMW models is about to change. Quite drastically. That’s going to happen after the new 7 Series is launched. The flagship model from Bavaria will introduce a new take on the front fascia, most likely featuring a split headlight design. That feature will soon be adopted by other cars as well, including the X7 which will also introduce the split-headlight design.

A possible confirmation comes from the latest sighting of a BMW X7 prototype. According to the images (you can check them out here), the X7 LCI seems to be sporting two sets of light clusters. There’s one at the top, which may very well be the daytime running lights, and one below which will most likely include the low and high beams. That’s a very different approach compared to what we’ve seen so far from BMW.

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The X7 was just starting to grow on the majority of people and now BMW is seemingly going in a new direction, design-wise. When the car originally came out, a large number of what I like to call ‘Internet pundits’, criticized BMW’s choice of using a larger than usual grille with a set of slim headlights. In reality, that design works, as it creates a powerful, single unit on the front fascia that embeds the grille and headlamps into a cohesive design.

What will the future bring? We’ll just have to wait and see, at least on the design front. In terms of technical upgrades, the new X7 will get the same engine choices as the upcoming 7 Series. We’ll likely see upgraded B57 and B58 engines along with the new S68 V8 that BMW is working on right now. All models will be mild-hybrid and all of them will be cleaner than before.

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