The BMW Z4 Facelift model is expected to arrive in late 2022. But as always, ahead of the market launch, BMW is going through rigorous testing processes. A G29 Z4 LCI prototype was spotted in Munich earlier this week, of course wearing the typical BMW camouflage.

Oddly, the headlights and taillights are fully uncovered, even though they are the first to change in a facelift. Yet, we still expect them to feature a slightly different design so for now, it’s likely that BMW is mostly testing some hardware changes. Under the camo we can also see the current M Sport Package, which seems to be unchanged as well.

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Being a low volume car, the BMW Z4 Roadster doesn’t get all of attention when it comes to facelifts. A similar theme was obvious in the previous generation E89 Z4. But we certainly expect enough upgrades to keep the Z4 an interesting proposition for potential customers.

Unlike the 3 Series facelift, the 2022 BMW Z4 will not have a curved display even after the facelift. Such a change would require a completely new dashboard, which just doesn’t make sense given the sales numbers of the Z4. It’s also obvious that the large curved display would be out of place in a small cockpit, like the Z4’s one.

BMW is likely to keep the Z4 Roadster around for another three years, but after that, its faith is unknown. There will likely never be a combustion-powered Z4, but the beautiful roadster might resurface as a fully electric vehicle in the future. BMW is marching towards a fully electric fleet, so eventually a fun and nimble electric roadster would make sense.

Until then, the Z29 BMW Z4 Roadster is arguably one of the most fun BMWs to drive today and certainly one of the last of its kind.