Under the new BMW M president Markus Flasch, the ///M offensive from Munich continues. Year-over-year, the sportscar division at BMW have posted record sales and it is now in the midst of a major product refresh. During the BMW M Festival at the Kyalami circuit in South Africa, Flasch gave some insight into the product lineup coming in the next two years, along with some concrete dates.

Photo by DCNCars on Instagram

The new products cover both full-M models, as well as the M Performance Automobiles family. Next to be unveiled in just a matter of days is the 2020 BMW M2 CS, a limited production run which will cater to BMW purists.

BMW will also launch in 2020 the all-new BMW M8 Coupe, Convertible and Gran Coupe, all which have been already unveiled.  They will all reach the local dealers in early 2020.

Another important upgrade to the M lineup comes in the form of the new BMW X5 M and X6 M SAVs. The market launch for the super powerful crossovers is also scheduled for early 2020.

BMW M5 30 Year Edition shown here

The BMW M5 sedan will not only get a mild design facelift, but also a new model – the BMW M5 CS. The car was spotted on the road and it will arrive in mid-2020.

Also next year, we will get to drive the top model of the 2 Series Gran Coupe range – the M235i. Shortly after, the BMW M440i Coupe will not only bring a controversial design, but also lots of sheer power, just like the M340i. The new 4 Series Coupe will get the M440i Coupe and M440i Convertible variants.

Since the entire 5 Series lineup will get a facelift, the M550i will also be refreshed, but it’s unclear whether a power bump is in the books or not.

Rendering by @avarvarii on Instagram

But it’s 2021 when the M division will be put through a real test. Will customers accept the bold design changes to their beloved M3 and M4 models? The 2021 BMW M3 Sedan, M4 Coupe and M4 Convertible will arrive together and promise to be one of the most innovative ///M cars ever built. It will also be the first time they are offered with an all-wheel drive system.

As always, there will be some special edition models inserted into the M product lineup, but those are considered just some highly customized models instead of a brand-new product.

The future at ///M looks bright and we look forward to sharing with you the BMW M2 CS details in just a couple of days.

What’s coming from BMW M?

  • M2 CS – 2020
  • M5 upgrade – 2020
  • M8 Coupe – 2020
  • M8 Convertible – 2020
  • M8 Gran Coupe – 2020
  • X5 M – 2020
  • X6 M – 2020
  • M235i Gran Coupe – 2020
  • M440i Coupe – 2020
  • M440i Convertible – 2020
  • M550i upgrade – 2020
  • M3 – 2021
  • M4 Coupe – 2021
  • M4 Convertible – 2021

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