G80 M3

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BMW G80 M3 gets the HRE FF21 Tarmac wheels

A good set of wheels goes a long way to making any car look better. That’s especially true for the BMW M3, which isn’t the most beloved of all BMW designs. However, funky looks aside,…

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BMW G80 M3 with New HRE FF28 Liquid Metal wheels

BMW has a back catalog of wheels that’s almost unmatched in the industry. Its history is filled with gorgeous BMW M wheels that are still revered today. However, its latest efforts haven’t been so great….

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BMW M3 vs M4: Which is Right for You?

There comes a time in most enthusiasts’ lives when they have to make a tough decision. Pick up a practical performance sedan, or settle on the sleek coupe? While coupes used to be the “cooler”…

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2023 BMW M3 – Buyer’s Guide

2023 BMW M3 Overview The sixth-generation M3 debuted as a 2021 model, and it’s a bit of a departure from the previous generations in terms of performance and styling. It marks the first generation of…

BMW M3 Gets Wild with the Wildberry Metallic Color