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The First-Ever BMW XM: How I’d Build It

The BMW XM has just been revealed – and regardless of how you feel about it, it’s nearly guaranteed to be a commercial success for BMW. The highlight is that the twin-turbocharged V8, paired with…

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Real life photos of the BMW XM in Cape York Green

The new BMW XM took the Internet by storm yesterday and is certainly one of the most polarizing BMWs ever made. The Munich-based automaker aims to take on a very selective segment where the Lamborghini…

Photo Comparison: BMW XM vs BMW X5 M—How Much More Special is the XM?

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This could be the BMW XM Label Red with 750 horsepower

Missing from the lengthy press release issued today were images of the future BMW XM Label Red. BMW spoke briefly about the 750 horsepower variant which will arrive in Summer 2023. But some digging on…