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BMW iX M60 vs BMW iX xDrive50 — Which to Buy?

Now that the BMW iX M60 has been revealed, there are two big-budget versions of the iX. When you look at them in photos, there’s barely a difference between them. In fact, even as someone…

The All New BMW X6 M50i AU Model 2 830x553

What’s New and Changed on the BMW X6 for 2022?

The BMW X6 isn’t exactly popular among car enthusiasts. Chris Harris just publicly lamented the X6, along with other such SUVs. Yet, despite the moaning of car enthusiasts, BMW still makes the X6 for one…

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Video: BMW M5 CS versus BMW M2 CS on the drag strip

It’s time for the battle of the special editions! This time, we’re looking at a showdown between the BMW M5 CS, the most powerful car the Bavarian manufacturer ever made, and the smaller and lighter…

VIDEO: Listen to the S85 V10 Engine in all its Glory

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VIDEO: Take a POV Drive of the BMW i4 M50

BMW’s newest 500-plus horsepower performance sedan isn’t an M3, it isn’t an M car, and it doesn’t even have an engine. No, BMW’s newest 500-plus horsepower performance sedan is an all-electric “gran coupe” with a…